Beauty: Human + Kind Reviewed

I’ve been hearing a lot about Human + Kind so it was great to get the opportunity to check out some of their products thanks to Emma Farrell and Rachel Dalton Communications. 

Out of the loot I received some weeks ago there were three products that I have found to be particularly exceptional.

Human + Kind All-In-One Body Oil (€14.95)

I’ve been using Bio-oil after my showers for years but only because I never came across another body oil. While good enough to keep using, the smell is very strong, and it is a little slippery and doesn’t absorb very well. Enter, Human + Kind All-in-one-body oil.

Human + Kind All-in-one Body Oil

This natural oil doesn’t have an over powering scent and absorbs immediately into the skin leaving it instantly moisturised; it’s like an exceptionally light moisturiser which is perfect if you don’t like overusing creams and lotions. It’s also brilliant for anyone who uses an epilator as it gets rid of those chicken leg bumps straight away.

Human + Kind All-in-one Wash Off Cleanser (€14.95) 

With sensitive skin, and Rosacea it is difficult to find a good cleanser that doesn’t leave a residue and that does make my skin red. This is definitely on the hit list. It has a fresh, clean smell, it’s very smooth and doesn’t require a lot of scrubbing; perfect for sensitive skin. It has slight moisturising properties and it also claims to soften wrinkles.

Human + Kind All-in-one cleanser

Human + Kind All-in-one Family Remedy Cream (€22.95) 

This is the most expensive on the list but for a product that cures all skin ailments, it is well worth it. It claims to help razor burn, cuts, spots and a multitude of over skin ailments. I can definitely vouch for it as a spot treatment; my skin was the victim of a very stressful couple of months resulting in a rather unsightly pimple appearing on my cheek. I tried everything to get rid of it, everything, and the only thing that did the trick was this bad boy. Three nights in a row I substituted by usual moisturiser for the Family Remedy and it was gone. My boyfriend also used it on his new tattoo to moisturise it and found it fantastic so it really does cover all ailments, from rather large spots to itchy tats.

Human + Kind is a brand I highly recommend checking out, particularly these three products. I often find a lot of these natural skin products are, for want of a better word, stinky, but these products aren’t. They are light, fresh, skin friendly products that live up to their description and what’s more is the price isn’t off-putting like many other natural skin products. You can buy all Human + Kind products online at, where you can also find out which shops near you stock this treasure of a skincare brand.


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