Style: Has fashion made a hypocrite out of you?

Fashion Hypocrite

Given that I run a “lifestyle blog for the alternative girl” it should come as no surprise that I have little or no interest in trends or fashion. I enjoy style, but wearing things that everyone else wears just because that’s what’s on trend has never appealed to me. You can keep your chunky sandals and your aztec prints, thank you!

What I have become aware of, since I have lived through slightly over two decades of fads and trends, is how hypocritical following fashion forces people to be. Chances are if you are bona fide fashion victim (A person vulnerable to faddishness and materialism) you have mocked certain styles and went on to wear them in later years.

No hipster connotations are to be derived from the following rant; I am simply saying if you bullied or laughed at anyone for wearing certain things you have spiritually forfeited your right to wear them at all.

Here are some examples of styles I’ve worn in the past, been slagged over and then seen the very people, or very strain of people, wearing exactly that ten years later.


Oh yeah, you all love the Converse now, don’t you? But back when you could only buy them in one shop and in two colours in Dublin they “weird”. I’d never stop wearing Converse just because everyone on the street has them now, that would just be ridiculous but I still can’t help side eye folk who would have victimised people in the past for wearing those exact shoes.

They are my favourite adornment and I currently own 7 pairs, one pair of which is 9 years old. And I’m proud of that.

I was laughed at, stared at, pointed at, not just because of my fishnet top under my Emily the Strange t-shirt or my oversized combats, but mainly because of my classic black and white Chuck Taylors. I can guarantee you that everyone who took offence to my choice of Chucks over Reebok classics now owns at least one pair.

Check shirts and Leggings/Jeans

Even just a few years ago I would have heard taunts and snorts about wearing a check shirt. “Lumberjack”, “Lesbian” etc. etc. First of all, no I’m not a Lumberjack, I haven’t yet got the upper body strength, and second of all there is no uniform for being a lesbian so please don’t assume based on my choice of attire.

Of course I was an awkward teen at the time so I didn’t say anything of the sort. I’d just swear, pretend I didn’t care and contemplate never wearing that shirt again… yep, that’s what you little fashion experts do to people. You make them question their choice of comfortable clothing and render them painfully self-concious. Now though, everyone has a check shirt in their wardrobe. Are you a check shirt hypocrite? If so, throw your shirt away, you don’t deserve it.

While we’re on the subject of Check, as little as 3 years ago some indignant 15 year old chav passed comment on my red and black check jeans as I walked by her in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre. I’m currently taking bets on whether she now owns a pair herself. She most likely does.

Band Tees.

I’ve been wearing band tees since my confirmation when I finally had enough money for whatever ridiculous cost it was to buy a Led Zeppelin Tshirt in Asha in Stephen’s Green (which now has an online store, donchaknow?). I wear them because I am passionate about music above all else and because I actually listen to the bands printed on the front.

Again, if you wore these ten years ago you were a rocker or a hippie- a label, but now you can buy Nirvana Tshirts in Penneys and Forever 21. Rolling Stones tshirts can be bought for €12! Everyone is wearing them and guess what, half of them probably can’t name more than two of the songs by the band on their chest. What’s the point?! This really is a topic for a blog post on its own…

Moving on…

Parka coats

The Parka Coat; the universal symbol of the mod. I lived in a Parka in my early teens and then suddenly, everyone else was living in theirs.

I remember a friend of mine was called Zac Dingle for wearing one, which was actually hilarious, although she didn’t think so. Now who hasn’t got a parka?

Incidentally, I’ve had my eye on this one for quite some time. I swoon at the sight of an oversized hood.

These are just some of the things you could be wearing these days that you guffawed at only a few years ago; Doc Martins, skinny jeans, all black outfits, dark berry lipstick, purple lipstick.  Of course, I jest, we can all wear whatever we want but deep down it does peeve me slightly that people allow fads and trends to turn them into a hypocrite.

Are you a fashion hypocrite? Maybe you think this is a whole load of nonsense? To the comments! 



Style: Best Alternative Styles from Penneys Primark A/W 14 collection

Alternative styles in Penneys

It’s that time of year when all the brands and labels start launching their Autumn/Winter lines. I for one can’t wait to see the back of the neon and pastles that are plaguing the high street at the moment. Bring on the winter fashions!

Penneys/Primark is a staple stop-off for anyone who likes to pick up some bits to flesh out their wardrobe; gloves, neck pieces, jackets, tops; anything to accent your current stash of clothes.

It’s harder for those of us with an alternative leaning to add frills at a cheaply cost, but Penneys is doing a good job with their up coming collection.

Here are some of the best items from the new collection to top off some winter outfits

Basic Red Check Shirt

Penneys Check Shirt

Check shirt -Available now – €9

Yes, they are back in fashion; the trusty check shirt. BUT, fashion victims, us alternative girls had it first so we will buy all the €9 shirts Penneys has to offer.

This decent quality shirt is hard to pass up at such a low price.

Wear it with: 

A white tshirt

Black skinny jeans

Biker boots

Beanie with a gothic twist

Netted Beanie €4 - in stores in October

Netted Beanie €4 – in stores in October

I’ve already mentally purchased this. The very subtle, feminine addition of netting to this classic black beanie takes slightly left of the mainstream and also makes a basic staple a little more interesting.

Wear it with: 

The shirt-tshirt-jeans ensemble above!

A Crombie!

Penneys coats 2014

Red Fur Collar Crombie €30 -September

Nothing says mod like a crombie, especially one with a big faux fur collar. It’s also nice to have a bright coat in the winter.

Wear it with: 

A black wiggle dress/Box cut dress/Shift Dress/Cigarette trousers… anything black and sleek, really.

Hellooooo Thigh Boots

Penneys over the knee boots

Over the Knee Heeled Boot, €24, in stores August

Umhmm. I likey. These Over the knee boots are perfect for winter and ideal for a slightly less conventional outfit. We’re talking tight and daring, but still very classy.

Wear it with

Black or grey thick leggings/trousers

White halterneck

Oversized black blazer

Your fiercest purple or wine lipstick… rawr. Love it.

Very Vampite Lestat-esque.

What do you think of these alternative picks?

Can see any of them in your future wardrobe? 

Music AND style: Win best dressed at Bulmers Live 2014

Bulmers live 2014

Bulmers Live at Leopardstown is back this month.

It all kicks off on the 12th of June with Irish band The Raglans, culminating in a highly anticipated performance by iconic rockers The Charlatans on the 14th of August.

Bulmers live always provides a host of fabulous evenings out, not least of all due to the Brown Cow sponsored “Best Dressed” price, encourage the ladies to get their glad rags on in a bid to win a prize.

Susan Kelly from Brown Cow salons says she likes to see a little creativity when it comes to the winning outfits, so if you’re heading one of the gigs, get your thinking caps on for your outfit.

Each week the judges will have their eye out for a jaw dropping, in a good way, unique outfit . Not only will the winner nab a €1000 voucher for the salon, second and third place will get €500 and €250 vouchers too. Not too shabby, eh? As if you needed another excuses to head to one of these gigs.

See below for the full line up and dates.

Thursday 12th June – Raglans

Thursday 19th June – The Heathers

Thursday 3rd July – Hamsandwich

Thursday 10th July – Peter Hook & The Light

Thursday 17th July – The Stunning

Thursday 24th July – The Sharon Shannon Big Band

Thursday 7th August – Johnny Marr

Thursday 14th August – The Charlatans

Tickets are a bargain at just €15  and can be purchased at

Style: Irish Jewellery Designer offers something different

A while back I was gifted a beautiful ring by Irish designer Siobhán Finnie and I instantly fell in love with her designs.

This ring is complete unique and has a nice balance between elegant and funky.

Jewellery designs

This cluster ring has amthyest and swarowski pearls, perfect for day or night time wear to set of an outfit, or indeed to match your Mac Heroine lipstick, as I tend to. The beauiful and delicate ring is available on Siobhán’s website here for just €25- a bargain for such a unique and intricate piece.

Needless to say, as I fell in love her contemporay-come-classic designs, I have been keeping an eye on her collection on the website, Her designs are absolutely ideal for a multitude of occasions, whether for your wedding or someone else’s, an event or just when you want to inject a little edgy glamour into your outfit.

Here are some of my favourite picks from Siobhán’s collection.

Mottled Grey Belt or Necklace

If you’re going to pay €170 for something it helps that it is multi purpose. This gorgous belt or necklace is the perfect finisher for a simple outfit. Whether wearing around a tailored jumpsuit as a belt or draping down a a simple yet glamourous dress it lends real charm to your look. The mottled grey effect is right down my alley; it’s glam, but would help maintain my personal taste for darker accessories, in keeping with my “rocker” tendencies. If you have the same style inclinations you will love Siobhán’s designs.

Siobhan Finnie

Floral Necklace

What I truly love about Siobhán’s design is that they are a step away from what has become stereo typical of Irish Jewellery design. While I love Newbridge Silver dearly, and one of my favourite personal pieces comes from them, I tire of the imitations. Many Irish Jewellery designs have mimiced the thick, silver, geometrical designs of Newbridge silver that the brand itself has been trying to move away from with more elegant designers of late.

Siobhán Finnie’s designs not only step away from this, it embraces a nice balance between traditional elegance and an edgier look that stands out. Case in point is this beautiful floral neckpiece, costing €110.

Siobhan Finnie

This gorgeous necklace is ideal for low necklines and can be worn to the side, as in the picture, to give off a parisienne scarf vibe while remaining delicate. I think readers will agree that it is a refreshing alternative to the chunkier statement necklaces on trend at the moment, but still remains somewhat of a conversation piece.

Flower Necklace with Swarovski Pearls, Swarovski Crystals and Quartz Crystals

Siobhán, according to here website, has been designing bridal jewellery for more than 20 years. Needless to say, she has developed a knack for it. Once again, she takes a few steps away from conformed styles when it comes to her bridal designs. This stunning necklace is more contemporary take on the traditional bridal pearl necklace.

The knotted design will work fabulously with sweatheart necklines or strapless designs sitting neatly just below the neck in an understated yet striking fashion.


All of these pieces and more can be purchased at or at the Design Yard.

What do you think of Siobhán’s designs? To the Comments! 

Style: Pretty in Pink

Pink is my absolutely favourite colour; I realise as a girl this is an absurd cliché but pink suits me and it makes me happy, therefore it beats all of the other colours in everything. As I am feeling particularly tickled pink today I thought I would share with you some beautiful pink products I’ve seen around the world wide web that you may or may not need to purchase.

Pretty in Pink

1. Penneys Pink Lace Dress, €21

Similar to one worn by the beautifully quirky Paloma Faith.

2. International Pink Beanie, £5.99 

3. Paul & Joe Lipstick in Peony, €17.96 on Asos

4. Paperchase Pink Photoframe, £10.00

5. Missguided Dress, €34.63

6. DotcomGiftShop Love Cushion, £12.99

7. Body Shop All Over Shimmer, £???

I am particularly loving the missguided dress however given the price, I think I will have to give it a miss. It’s a little steep for something that I would only wear maybe once, in a hot country.

I’ve never heard of Paul & Joe but just look at that beautiful casing; how could you not want to buy that lipstick. The beanie is immintenly being purchased. Because pink.

As for The Pink All over Shimmer; I meant to buy it over Christmas but alas, it’s no longer in store and no sign of it returning. If anyone knows any different, please let me know where I can get it in the comments.

What about you? See anything you like? 

Style: Unleashing your inner animal through your headwear.

Us music lovers all have an inner animal that usually only comes out when our favourite song comes on in a bar, or when our favourite band launches into a rocking encore. Why keep it harboured up?  Perhaps you aren’t into full on Faux fur coats and maybe animal print sends you running but thanks to Penneys, every Irish girls favourite bargain hunting haven, you can keep your head warm in winter all the while letting your inner animal roar.

Penneys Animalistic Headwear

Penneys do winter kitsch very well, and I couldn’t mean that it a more positive way. There is no harm in having a little fun with your headwear and that’s why I am loving what Penneys have to offer at the moment. From chic faux fur headbands to neanderthal-esque animal head hats, they have a multitude of ways in which you can get in touch with your inner animal, be that a fox or tiger.

Penneys Snow Leopard Hat

Novelty Snow Leopard Hat €9

Novelty Fox Hooded Scarf €12

Novelty Fox Hooded Scarf €12


Penneys Bear Hat

Penneys Faux Fur Trapper Hat €12

Are these hats a little way out there for you? Don’t worry it’s not all novelty in the winter warmers section in Penneys. They also have a wonderful range of  faux fur hats and headbands that will help you release that inner beast in a more subtle and classy way, like the beautiful wine faux fur headband below.

Penneys headbands

Penneys Faux Fur Headbands €9

So would you sport one of these furry toppers? Or would you rather get cosy in a more conservative way.

Style: Winter Warming Winter Coats.

Winter Coats

Only recently I realised I am obsessed with Coats. Winter is my favourite season simply because it is so much more fun to dress and accessorise. Hanging up one of my recent winter purchases I noticed by growing collection of coats. I have every kind of coat you could think of; the latest purchases – a Camel Duffle Coat from Penneys (€23) and the best coat in the world (€94 from Blue Banana), A vintage Faux Fur Bolero, a suede and Faux Fur Biker Jacket from, two black trench coats, a camel trench coat… the list goes on.

I also noticed when triumphantly hanging my new coat up that it is bloody hard to find a decent coat these days. I thought I’d share some of the coats that have caught my eye since in order to save you the hassle.

Awear Duffle Coat

Anyone else sick to death of the Parka? They used to be championed by those who favour “alternative” looks and now every ‘hun’ out there has at least one. Opt for a Duffle Coat such as this skater shaped one.  At €90, It is one of the more expensive ones that caught my eye but as Mammy (the shopaholic enabler) says ‘A coat should be an investment’.

Awear Coats

Awear Faux Fur Collar Duffle Coat €90

Penneys Duffle Coat

I haven’t seen this in Ireland so you may have to get someone you know in the UK to ship it over to you. How cool is this tartan coat? This probably the funkiest way to unleash your inner punk this winter.

Penneys Duffle Coat

Penneys Duffle Coat £28

Missguided Faux Fur Collar Coat

If you’re looking for something a little less casual and little more “look at me”, is place to look. They have a fabulous range available, the most stunning of which can be seen below. This comes in a range of colours and it definitely looks cosy.

Missguided coats.

Missguided Faux Fur Collar Coat £59.99 Maroon Box Coat

Box coats seem to back in a big way as the ’80s (or the ’30s if you really want to take it back) seem to be creeping into the fashion pages again.

Honestly, I don’t think they are flattering; the flat shape screams anything but chic. However this one stood out to me because the tapered and layered sleeves a long with the vertical pockets seem to lend more style to it. It’s also completely different to any of the box coats you’ll find on the high street. coats Maroon Coat £89

Hopefully this little selection of coats will inspire styles to look out for or even give you some new ideas of places to shop for your new winter coat.