Beauty: Skin Saviours by Vichy for the busy bee

Vichy Idealia Life Serum and Normaderm Night Detox Reviewed.

I’ve been a little snowed under lately, and loving it! Usually when things are getting hectic my skin suffers, thankfully, however two things have helped me keep the signs of fatigue and stress away from my skin: Good nutrition, and Vichy!

You know what I mean when I say the signs of fatigue and stress; dry skin, spots, general dullness and two products from Vichy have helped to keep things in control.

In addition to my usual skin care routine, typically involving Nip and Fab Glycolic Cleanser OR Soap and Glory’s Micellar water, Vichy’s Normaderm hydracare cream and La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Duo+, I have been using Vichy Idealia Life Serum and their Normaderm Night Detox. 

Vichy Idealia serum review

Although from different ranges I find these two products work great together, using the former in the morning and the latter at night.

The results of the Life Serum, which I began using first, were immediate and personally astonishing.

It claims to battle the following complexion issues:

Dull, grey complexion (yep, that’s me)

Marked and uneven toned skin (check)

Tired looking skin, drawn features (um-humm)

and Enlarged pores with oily and dry patches (It’s like reading a biography of my face!) 

I used this first on a Thursday evening, heading to personal training with no make up on so I could see if it really made a difference. My trainer said I was “glowing”. This was the first time in my life anyone had said that to me so the Life Serum immediately got full marks from me. Prolonged usage has led to a more even complexion and less annoying dry patches on my forehead. the serum itself appears thick but it’s actually quite light on the skin; ideal(ia) for anyone with sensitive skin, prone to react to heavy creams and serums. While I’m not swanning around in a make up-less face, I feel less self concious and a lot fresh than I had before.

Here’s the scary part. It’s almost €40.  I always say that I would never spend that amount on a skin product but it’s so damn good, I can’t imagine not buying it when my current bottle runs out. If you have very problematic skin I can’t recommend it enough.

The Vichy Normaderm Night Detox is a good evening partner to the idealia serum. Less of it is needed; literally just a dot on your hand of this light serum-like cream will do.

Normaderm Night Detox Review

I was using this for a while before I remember to check the results. The detox treats your skin in a more subtle way that the serum; the serum adds an instant glow and lends a dewy effect to your skin. The detox, on the other hand, absorbs into your skin, tackling your sebum levels.

To get a little scientific, sebum is the stuff secreted from your sebaceous glands under your skin. It is the culprit for hormonal spot outbreaks, especially those nasty whiteheads! Did you ever wake up in the morning and feel a little bit… greasy? That’s your sebaceous glands going into overdrive when you sleep. Night time is the best time to treat it and that’s where this product comes in.

I find with stress and air conditioning in work I am in an endless battle against that horrible, heavy feeling on my skin and this has certainly helped with that and to help that pesky reappearing spot disappear. Huzzah!

This comes in a smaller tube but is €10 euro cheaper so, if you are buying something to ease complexion problems I would commence with this before trying out the serum, just to save the pennies.  Normaderm is Vichy’s anti-blemish range so if you are often plagued the annoyance of spots and red marks, it is certainly worth checking out. Sidenote; I find the detox solution works particularly well with the normaderm cream I mentioned before, you can get this in Boots for about €13.

For more on the Normaderm range click here. 



Beauty: Vichy Capital Soleil BB SPF 50 BB Cream | Review

Protect your skin with an SPF BB Cream.

Everyone in Ireland is in a good mood today. Why, because the sun is back!

We are so rarely teased with Mediterranean-esque sun, that we don’t quite know what to do with ourselves. As I nation I would hazard to guess that we are one of the worst in Europe for suncare, generally speaking.

In recent years people have seemed to become more savvy; the trend of slathering yourself in baby (or cooking!) oil in the hopes of getting a tan are gone as, finally, younger generations are becoming aware of the dangers of UV rays.

Vichy is a go to skincare brand of mine, so it is no wonder I am drawn to their sun protection range. It is gentle on the skin, comes in high factors and as a brand they really seem to know a thing or two about what is good for your skin in the sun.

Vichy BB Cream with SPF review

Their Capital Soleil BB Cream has a higher factor than most foundations, a sizeable factor 50; ideal for our stereotypically pasty Irish skin.

Personally, I favour La Roche Posays equivalent, the Anthelios XL tinted moisturiser. Here’s why:

Vichy’s BB cream is quite thick, which will suit people with clear skin who can get away with using a BB cream as their soul foundation. It will also, like most BB creams, suit those with a slightly darker complexion. I haven’t got great skin and I am of the paler irish girl variety so I like my tinted moisturisers/BB creams to be light enough both in consistency and colour so I can put it under a primer and foundation; I find the Anthelios XL cream is ideal for this but Vichy’s product is a little heavy on all fronts for my complexion.

Vichy BB cream with SPF

On the left; the darker, creamier Vichy BB and on the right, the more watery, peachier LRP moisturiser.

That being said, oh how I wish I had the skin to carry this off. It is a wonderful product that not only protects you against the rays and gives you a beautiful glow, it helps improve your skin with regular use. I used this BB every day for a week and I saw serious improvements in my skin.

The cream has a welcome addition of Hyaluronic Acid that plumps the skin beautifully, giving it a dewy, moisturised textured and leaving it more supple over time. It also has a little Vichy Thermal Spring water in it, a favoured product of mine in the summer, which further moisturises the skin and balances it against the ever changing Irish weather.

If you tend to burn easily or if you forget to add in some SPF to your foundation, this product is a simple solution; Highly protective and decent pigmentation render it leagues ahead of other BB creams readily available in chemists.

There are plenty of perks of this product if you have the suitable complexion; not least of all the light but beautiful, summery scent.

Please, oh please, Vichy, can we have this in a lighter shade?

You can pick this up in all Vichy stockists for €16.50

Have you tried it? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Or maybe you have another high SPF BB or Foundation you’d like to big up. Too the comments. 

Beauty: Introducing the New Vichy Dermablend Line | Before and After

Regular readers will know that I have a fondness for Vichy’s Dermablend make up range, specifically the fluid foundation and the foundation stick.

Yesterday (April 16th) I attended the launch of the new Dermablend line, which I was obviously excited about. How could a range that was already so wonderful improve even further? They nailed it!

New Vichy Dermablend Range

New Vichy Dermablend Range

The event launched three brand new products that anyone who feels embarrased or awkward about minor or severe skin flaws will be dying to get.

First of all fans of the range should know that the shades have been streamlined and certain shades are no longer available. So if you are like me, a whiter shade of pale, no.11 Porcelain is gone, and Opal is now most likely your ideal shade. Typically if you are a 15 in one product, you’ll be a 15 in them all. See the handy chart below.


These new products are:

1) Total body corrective foundation 

I will give this a proper trial and review in due time but this is an innovation from Vichy Dermablend; at least that is my first impression. Anyone who is familiar with Dermablends immensly light but effective coverage will see why this is such a big deal.

I know I am in the minority in Ireland but I think false tan is gross; it flatters few unless it’s professionally done or if you have the knack. This is the answer to my false tan avoidence. I have serious insecurities about my legs and I will rarely wear a dress without dark tights for that reason. This product, having tested it out on my arm and seen it action in a demo at the launch, is potentially the best thing a woman could have in her make up kit. No exaggeration!

The wonderful Dani (The Glamour Nazi) had her tattoos covered up with it; the tone was a perfect match for her skin and you wouldn’t have guessed she had a wonderfully colourful tattoo underneath. Anyone with varicose veins or scars on their legs and arms will be falling over themselves to get this product. Get ready to proudly display your pins again!

I’ll give a more insightful review of this product once I test it properly.

2) Corrective Stick 

This a slimline concealer stick that anyone with bothersome blemishes and dark circles will love. I’m using it today (you can see the before and afters below) and although I love the ultra corrective stick and will continue to use it as a base, this is definitely going to be my concealer of choice from now on.

It is feather light on the skin and because it creamy it doesn’t sit on the face like most stick concealers. I am so fed up with chalky concealers that I actually just gave up using them altogether so you can imagine my delight when I tested this out.

It does well to cover sallow, dark circles under the eyes as well as clusters of freckles, blemishes and even acne.

Vichy Dermablend Coverage Dream team

Vichy Dermablend Coverage Dream team

3) Corrective Compact Foundation 

I haven’t used a compact foundation since I was about 18. I used to use No. 7’s and Elizabeth Arden’s both of which were far too heavy and much too dark (I was young, don’t judge me). When I started to learn a little more about foundations and that all important term; “tone matching”, I veered away from compacts and embraced liquids of varying brands and effectiveness.

When I learned about the Dermablend corrective compact foundation I was intrigued because of my love for the range and my confidence in their ability to strike a balance between stellar coverage and lightness on the skin. In the demonstration given by the wonderful Zoe Clarke at the product launch, she recommended this one for touch ups in particular, however I decided to go whole hog and ditch the liquid foundation for a day, at least.

After applying the Concealer under the eyes on a couple of obvious blemishes I pulled out the compact and my trusty Real  Techniques make up brush. I don’t like using sponges as I feel they drag on the skin so I just dabbed my brushes lightly on the foundation and applied it. I only had to dab once which really emphasises just how good the coverage is.

The pigment is fantastic in this product and I genuinely was surprised when I saw my skin grievances disappearing as I brushed the foundation on. The best part? The staying power! It’s phenomenal. For the first time in two years I haven’t had to touch up at lunch time.

Right, now for the nitty-gritty…

Dermablend Before and After Shots

I never, ever, ever leave the house without make up so this is a huge deal for me and I’m actually quite anxious about it. I decided the only way to really show you just how magnificent these two new products are, I would have to bare all.

I suppose I am a good candidate to trial these new products because I have acne scars from many years of bad acne when I was a teen and overly spotty 20 year old, I have mild rosacea on the apples of my cheeks and I have freckles that I really, truly hate because they cluster just under my eyes (why, oh, why was I so resistant to sunscreen when I was a teenager?).

So here it is, on the left; my ghastly real face, complete with red blemishes, acne scars and shame, on the right a much clearer looking complexion with less obvious freckles, well hidden blemishes and genuine confidence.

Vichy Dermablend Compact before and after


In this picture I used only the Corrective Compact Foundation and the concealer stick. I can’t see any downsides to these two products. I feel wonderful wearing them because I know that my little hang ups are covered. This is such a positive product; I realise that some people will guffaw at the idea and maybe even think it is a little pathetic to have an anxiety about leaving the house with no make up. That being said, not only is this simply a high quality product with outrageously good coverage and great pigmentation, it lends confidence to people who have genuine problems with their skin they feel self-conscious about.

What makes it even better is that it is so unbelievably light; it feels like I’m wearing nothing at all.

giphy (1)

The new range will be available from all Vichy Stockists in  May within the price range of €18-25. If you are looking for products that don’t go patchy, are light and yet maintain strong coverage, you should keep an eye out for they hit the pharmacies.

Are you looking forward to the new range? What will you be picking up? 


Beauty: Clearer Skin thanks to Vichy and La Roche Posay | Skincare Review

La Roche Posay’s Rosalic Make Up Removal Gel and Vichy’s Normaderm Hydrating Care Lotion are the perfect duo for clearer skin.

When someone says their skin isn’t clear we automatically think ‘outbreak’, ‘spots’, ‘acne’, but that isn’t always the case. My skin has never really been clear having suffered with acne as a teenager and struggling with imperfections and mild rosecea ever since. It’s a nightmare and the envy can be unbearable when you hear clear skinned ladies complaining about one tiny spot on their chin making them look “diseased”. That was an actual occurence in recent times.

Mini outbreaks and constant battles with redness have grown tedious to say the last so I decided to finally do something about it and try out some products from trustworthy brands La Roche Posay and Vichy. 

I boasted about my clearer skin, teasing that it was thanks two products in particular, So here’s my secret.

La Roche Posay Rosalic Make Up Remover reviews

La Roche Posay Rosalic Micellar Make Up Removal Gel

That really is a mouthful, isn’t it? Micellar is a new beauty and skincare buzzword with french brands in particular releasing new products with this word emblazoned on it. According to Wikipedia a micellar solution “consists of a dispersion of micelles in a solvent“. What? I don’t know either but apparently “micelles” help in the absorbstion of fat-soluble vitamins which are good for your skin so that can only be a good thing.

I bought this make up remover because I had been using face wipes as part of my cleansing ritual despite knowing that cause nothing but havok for your skin. I decided to ditch this skincare fauz pas for something a lot kinder to my skin, trusting La Roche Posay to deliver.

I much prefer using the gel to the face wipes as I can plainly see the difference in the amount of make up it takes off my face. I put the smallest drop of the gel on a cotton pad, gentle remove the make up and cleanse with my favourite cleanser when I’m done.

I noticed the effects of this gel immediately, waking up to much clearer skin after using it the night before. Normally I would be wary of such instant results but because this Gel is virtually everything-bad-free, I wasn’t worried at all.

La Roche Posay Make Up Remover Review

My night time dream team

This is just the latest La Roche Posay addition to my nightly skin care, combining it with the Hydraphase Serum, which tends to the parts of my complexion that are dry, and the Effaclar K, which tends to the oilier parts of my skin and keeps spots away. I find the combination of all three of these products calms my skin down after a day of city living, particularly if I have been wearing quite a lot of make up.

I picked this up in Boots for only €10.66 and I cannot recommend it highly enough for anyone who suffers with red pigmentation or outbreaks.

Vichys Normaderm Hydrating Care Lotion

This product was sent out to me to trial a few weeks ago. Normally I would leave it a month or two before I review a product but I don’t think such a long time was necessary with this product.

Although not named a “moisturiser” this lotion has become my day cream. Even if I only have time to cleanse and go in the mornings I will make sure that I give my skin a dose of this fantastic product because it is such a treat to the skin.

It is quite light in consistency, as you would image for a lotion specifically designed to help imperfect skin.

This product claims to tackle the 6 main concerns people with blemish and imperfection prone skin have. These are: Blemishes, Pores, Shine, Oily Skin, Marks, Uneven Complexion.

  I have had to stop using the product on my forehead, however as it only lending to the dryness of it; combination skin is such a pain, isn’t it?

The Salicylic Acid is probably to  blame for undoing the work of my skin hydration routine; this is an ingredient recommended by doctors to people suffering with acne and it dries out any oil in the skin. That being said, I don’t mind avoid one area on my face if it means reaping the benefits in other areas. Not only has using this product further enhanced the effects of the remover gel in terms of keeping redness at bay, it has vastly improved the appearance of pours on my skin. Not only has using this product further enhanced the effects of the remover gel in terms of keeping redness at bay, it has vastly improved the appearance of pours on my skin. My skin is certainly less shiny, particularly on my nose and it has overall improved my skin tone, making it easier to apply and blend make up.

Again, this product is only €10.66 in Boots and it is an absolutely elixer for blemish prone skin.

Have you used either of these products? What do you think of them? Maybe you have your own blemish battling dream duo, in which case, feel free to tell us! 

Beauty: VICHY PURETE THERMALE Eye Make Up Remover

Sensitive skinned girls, rejoice, your saviour is here.

Hands up if you are a fiend for heavy eye make up? I can’t live without my lashings of eyeliner volumising mascara but what this gains me in dramatic effects, I loose in eye lashes and watery eyes upon removal.

I don’t necessarily have sensitive skin but my eyelids and the skin around my eyes tends to be very sensitive. I can’t bear the stinging sensation brought on by cheap liquid liners or inferior make up removal products. Every time I take off my eye make up I am left reeling by the overwhelming burning sensation that plagues my bedtime facial routine.

Enter,  Purete Themale, the waterproof eye make up removing gem that will have sensitive skined ladies ooh and ahhing at the lack of post-removal stinging.

Vichy Eye make up remover

The remover claims to be packed full of Arginine which repairs damaged lashes and Taurine which protects the lashes and enhances growth. I can’t say I have been examining my lashes particularly close enough to notice a difference but if it does what it claims to do – protect lashes from damage, I’m certainly not complaining.

I’ve used quite a few eye make up remover brands but this is definitely the most sensitive friendly; true to Vichy’s reputation is delicate on the skin. It removes thin layers or light make up in one wipe,

My favourite thing about this fantastic eye make up remover? It doesn’t leave a trace. There is nothing more annoying that a make remover that doesn’t thoroughly remove every morsel of make up on your face; particularly when it comes to black liner.

If you find yourself reacting badly to most eye make up removers, this your best bet; particularly as the festive season is coming and you find your self reaching for the glittering shadows. Pop over to Boots where you can pick it up for around €13.

Beauty: Vichy Dermablend Ultra Corrective Foundation Stick


When first launched I reviewed Vichy Dermablend‘s Corrective Foundation and I had been using it up until recently, when I graduated to  the Ultra Corrective Foundation Stick.

This is of creamier consistency that the liquid foundation and can be used as a full on face foundation or as a concealer for spots, scars and dark circles.

I’ve read a lot about people using this particular product to cover tattoos for interviews or events to fantastic effect so I was exciting to use it.

I am a night owl by nature and between work and blogging I often work 10, 12 and 18 hour days, albeit some of those hours are spent in a Snuggie. Adding to that late night reading and nights at gigs and so on, it was only a matter of time before the effects started showing under my eyes.

For the record; I use Body Shop’s Elderflower Eye Gel to keep any evident puffiness down and it works a treat, however it doesn’t banish dark circles.

I’ve been using the Dermablend Ultra Corrective Foundation stick as an under eye and blemish concealer for about a month and I adore it. Applying it in dabs on blemishes and spots and blending it in a circular motion, it hides them well. The results using it on dark circles, however, astounded me. I can now start my day not looking like I could do with bathing in a vat of coffee. It softens surface under the eye and makes me look more awake. When I’m using foundation on top of the dermablend I tend to use a little less so blends smoothly.

It is more matte in appearance and finish than the foundation so it is perfect as a concealer.

Before and after Vichy Dermablend Stick

Using the tiniest spot of the Dermablend before applying foundation over it. Notice how the freckles under my eye aren’t as visible and the dark circles aren’t as prominent.

Are my slightly less prominent dark circles not enough to convince you to run out and by it? Now for my next trick. I am typically Irish in that I am pale with numerous freckles so I decided to spot test the foundation stick  on a freckle on my hand to further emphasises the brilliance of this product.

Vichy Dermablend Before and After

As if by magic, the freckle disappeared

Impressive, eh?

For anyone that has bothersome freckles, annoying blemishes or weary dark circles this is an absolute essential for your make up bag. You can pop into your local Vichy Stockist and pick it up for as little as €22; not bad for the handiest beauty product you will ever buy.