Tune of the week: Travis Oaks- Last Love Song

I’m a terrible music blogger! Musicandeverything.com is a lifestyle blog initially based around music and reaching out to like minded ladies (and men) who tend to veer towards the non-mainstream but not in a “hipster” way. Hipsters are mainstream. I hold my paws up and say “I have been neglecting the music aspect of things”. It’s my bread and butter and I think perhaps critiquing music is hard for a passionate music lover because I want to enjoy it not pick it apart. That being said I felt an urge to resurrect the Tune of The Week after an accidental hiatus after hearing a great track from an Irish four piece act.

Travis Oaks’ Last Love Song struck a chord with me, punsville, not intended.

Although this is technically his first release, the four piece has done phenomenally well in generating a good name for himself thanks to his obvious talent, winning a support slot with The Hot Sprockets and the indie promotional powerhouse that is Numu Promotions.

This stunning song and appropriate accompanying video is officially released today. Check out the video below. Enjoy!



Tune of The Week: Able Archer – Ghostmaker

I’ve been blogging about music since I was 19. That’s five years of listening to new singles, EPs, Demos and Albums on a daily basis. Quite a lot of music! A lot of it is enjoyable, sadly some of it is quite forgetable and once in a while I get a little gem to listen to. There are few that merit the term “gem”.

A musical gem, in my book, is a sort of diamond in the rough. Something that stands out in the piles and piles of music related emails that fill my inbox every day. Ones that spring to mind are The Hot Sprockets, Cat Downing, Youth Mass and Crow Black Chicken; all of whom offer something a little edgier than most of the bands I come across. Recently I came across another musical gem in the form of Able Archer. 

The band label themselves as ” A proper rock band with hardly any ironic beards or cardigans”; for that alone, I love them. Backing up this amusing claim is their new single Ghostmaker; a loud and compelling track that will indeed appeal to those who want no frills rock without the pretentiousness of fashion. Not a cardigan in sight.

Take a look at the video below and let me know what you think.

Tune of The Week: Moscow Metro – Spirit Of A City

March has been quite a hectic month in casa del M&E so I’ve been listening to quite a lot of chilled out music to instill some calm to the choas. Moscow Metro have featured quite a bit on my commutes to work and weekend drives  over the past few days thanks to their fantastic single Spirit of A City. 

The track will feature on the upcoming EP of the same title, an EP which is smooth and beautiful, just like this track.

Ideal for chillin out, this National-esque track is soothing and complex in equal measure; I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from them when their EP is released in April.

Tune of The Week: Squarehead- Two Miles

Squarehead has been one of the most talked about Irish bands over the past 12 months.

The Dublin Band has released a brand new track from their 2013 album ‘Respect’. Two Miles  is a powerful track with bouncey vibes; a real feel good number, perfect as we are in the throes of spring.

Squarehead is playing The Workman’s Club on March 16th, so prep yourself if you’re planning on going by taking a listen below.

Tune of The Week: The Crayon Set – Attack

It’s Friday, and that means one thing on Musicandeverything.com – Tune of the Week! This week I have fallen totally in love with this trippy little number from a band I’ve been singing the praises of for years; The Crayon Set

I reviewed the band’s album last year; an album by which I was utterly warmed from the inside out.

This is scuzzy pop perfection peddled by Robert Baker’s delightful vocals, I know you’ll enjoy it as much as I have been.

The colourful (sorry) band have such an understated talent that it is difficult not to appreciate, particularly when listening to this gusty tune. Have a  listen below and let me know what you think!