Beauty: Fuschia Eye Shadow Palette Review

If you are a regular reader of Irish blogs you will have read quite a bit about Fuschia Make Up. 

They sent some products out to what seems like every beauty and lifestyle blogger in the country, some of which were amazing and others not so great.

Most bloggers focused on the (non) issue of Private Labelling, however as I sincerely don’t think that this impedes on the quality of the product or genuineness of the brand.  Read about Private Labelling here. 

First, a bit of background on the company.

Fuschia Make Up is a multi award winning Irish make up brand and salon. They initially launched in November 2005, opening a salon in Scotch Hall, Drogheda, and they seem to have done nothing but grow ever since.

With an additional salon in Swords and stockists throughout the country, Fuschia is becoming a familiar brand in Ireland. Next stop, it seems, is off these shores.

In the pack they sent out to me I was only really taken with one product, The Eyeshadow Palette. While other products such as the lipstick and lacquers and lip pencil were of somewhat decent quality I found them to be oily/waxy and very sloppy so I only used them once. The eye brow wax palette I was sent couldn’t be compared to the Wet N Wild one I use every day so, again, it only got one trial.

Fuschia Eye

The Eyeshadow palette, however, is a different story. Much like MAC, Fuschia give you the option to create your own palette. The colours they send me were soft, neutral colours that I probably would have picked myself.

The texture of the shadows is soft, they blend exceptionally well and they last all day. That is three of the boxes ticked when it comes to eyeshadow quality.

The Palette has been awarded everyday usage status in my house, noting that even my mother has sneaked it a few times. Yes, ma’, if you’re reading, I know what you’ve been up to; I know my shades!

For something I’ve been sent by a company or PR to work it’s way into my daily routine is a testament to it’s quality, particularly with eyeshadow as I tend to be loyal to MAC, Bourjois and MUA in that respect.  Top marks on quality and shade for Fuschia’s custom palette.

However, and I regret that there is a however, that I find the price bothersome. The price list I was given states that the five pan palette is €40, although the company is endeavouring to lower prices as a result of blogger feedback. While I don’t want to get bogged down into Private Labelling, as I said, I don’t think it’s an issue so long as the product is usable, the price is a little jarring because you could probably get it else where for cheaper. Crown Brushes, one of the most successful private label brands, offers a 26 colour palette for around €26 and a counter palette which is a duplicate in terms of packaging for Fuschia’s eye palette for €28. This does make you think.

Overall, I’m impressed with Fuschia as a brand; I think how they have grown their business in less than ten years is phenomenal and I commend their business acumen and enterprise skills. Although some of the products they are selling a below standard, I feel the palette could be their saving grace if they price it a little more fairly; at €40 I wouldn’t be in a rush to purchase it, particularly when I can get an Urban Decay Palette for only a couple of euro more.


Beauty: Paesebox | Pease Cosmetics Review

Don’t you just love trying out new make up brands? Paese Cosmeticmay not technically be new, but they are certainly new to me. I’ve been aware of them for a long time however I always assumed they were high end and out of my budget. Turns out I was wrong; this is a totally affordable cosmetic brand with a wide selection of skincare and make up products that look like they cost a lot more than they do.

When I saw that Paese regularly sell a “Paesebox” for €20, delivery included, on their own website , I was compelled to purchase on impulse. This box really gets you bang for your buck, as they say, with five fullsized products stuffed into a sleek black box.

Paese Reviews Ireland

I was genuinely impressed with the products included in my box; A Lipstick in a wonderful Purple shade (€6.99), A lipgloss (€6.99), A blush (€9.99),  A Matte Eyeshadow Trip (€6.99),  and A Nail Polish (€4.99). That’s €35 worth of make up for €20 – not too shabby.

Paese Ireland reviews

Admittedly I wasn’t overly impressed with all of the products. I haven’t tried the nail polish yet  and the lipgloss was a let down. I’m not a fan of Lipgloss at all, to be frank. It reminds my of my teenage years for starters, and also it is not suitable for living in such a windy country. That being said I was particularly unimpressed with this decidedly sloppy lipgloss.The Manifesto Lipgloss is thick in consistency; more of wet lipstick to be honest, and it is messy to say the least. It doesn’t slick on like a lipgloss should and itgot all over my teeth all day long! I won’t be wearing it again.

Pease Cosmetics review

Looking particularly tired! – Paese Cosmetics Blush, Matte Eyeshadow and very sloppy Manifesto Lip Gloss

I do however, love the blush; it has been promoted to my daily make up routine, bumping my trusty revlon out of position. I love the shade (35); a delicate peach shade, I also love the blending quality of it; some cheaper blushes sit on the skin but this works in really with minimum effort, highlighting the cheekbones and bringing life to the face.

Similarly I have found myself often using the matte trio which I got in shades of grey and black. I have taken to using browns during the week days, but I do love creating intense looks with darker shades and I was in need of a matte black/grey combo, growing a little tired of shimmering shadows. This is the most fantastic eye shadow you will ever use, but for it’s bargain price it is quite good. Using the right tools a simple or intense look can easily be created using these three simple shades.

Pick of the bunch goes to the lipstick! I adore the purple shade and actually felt like it was hand picked for me because I tend to go for bolder, stronger colours when it comes to my beloved lipstick. The argan oil in the lipstick moisturises the lips, which is always a bonus as some products actually dry them out. It was easy to apply and wasn’t at all messy; a relief aftering trying the gloss. Although I’ve only worn this lipstick once it will be reused again and again; definitely worth the low price and certainly meriting purchases in other shades.

Paese Cosmetics Review

Loving the Paese Cosmetics Lipstick

Not only are these products great quality, especially for the cost, they also claim to be good for your skin with “About 85% of cosmetic ingredients are natural” and many of the products packed with Vitamins C, A, B and E. When so many beauty products do more harm than good to your skin this comes as a pleasant surprise.

You can purchase Paese Cosmetics on their Irish Website  or on one of my favourite online beauty stores

Have you tried Paese Cosmetics products yet? Anything you would like to try or recommend?