New Music: Swords – Hips | Video

Dubliners Swords are back with another fantastic new single, Hips. 

The band have been featured plenty of times on, their brand of quirky female fronted rock being particularly gentle on the ears.

This is another gem from the band who seem to get better with each release.


Video: A Dark Horse- These Butterflies Are Here

Not so long ago you may have come across the post here, of A Dark Horse’s exceptionally uplifting song “Take me home” and the accompanying and equally uplifting video. Here is their next music video, just uploaded last Friday. The song is beautiful and lamenting, entirely different from their previous number in terms of emotions put forward through the lyrics. The accompanying video is a joy to watch. Stephen Galvin’s direction is phenomenal and it truly puts across the earthy feel of the song. Success is in the air for this phenomenal band.

Claire Kane

Review: Third Smoke- Tell a friend

The Irish music scene is full of two things, wonderful gems of musical excellence, or awful wannabes, Third Smoke definitely fall into the former category and they show case this excellence with their EP, Tell a friend. 

Tell a friend is a four track offering and each song sounds as though it has come from different band, showing the band’s versatility. The most intriguing of all four songs is ‘sticks and stones’, an honest and dark song that instantly grabs the listener’s attention; definitely the type of song you would come across while listening to PhantomFM and think “who is that?”. Also worthy of mention is the first track on the EP, the amusing titled ‘Dog rough dancing’. It is a catchy number which would have you dancing along to it in your bedroom as you get red to hit the tiles.

The Dundalk band have been subject to many comparisons from Ireland’s music blogs and website such as Kasabian, however their talent is more raw and less produced than the famous UK band. ‘Delirious’ however is one track the forces a comparison to Liverpool Indie band The coral (An enormous compliment coming from me, as they are my favourite band). It is a menacing song with catch riffs and a radio friendly link from chorus to verse: “Ba-ba-da-ba”.

Tell your friends to keep an ear out for this delightful band, they are without a doubt one to watch over the next year or so.