Say goodbye to Music and Everything

2014 has been a big year for me.

I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about various things, including myself.

I’ve gone back to college to pursue a dream that has been underlying for sometime and while it’s all baby steps, has to be sacrified.

I want to thank everyone who has supported the blog, readers, business owners and PR companies , over the past year and everyone who has supported me since I started blogging in 2009.

This decision doesn’t come lightly, however I hope that you can continue to support me and my new venture Volta Fitness.


Lifestyle: Kindle Paperwhite Review

First Impressions of a Kindle from a book traditionalist’s view.

I know I am not alone among book lovers in refusing for a lengthy time to given in to the realm of eBooks.

The look and feel of book lends to the experience of reading; the smell of an old book you’ve borrowed from someone or from the library, the touch of the page as you turn it in anticipation.

Recently I was convinced though. A book in my handbag is just added weight to things I “need” to carry with me to work every day. It’s also €11 I could spend on something else, like food or petrol (or 4 kindle books).  Adding that to the fact that my frequent trips to Eason and Chapters have resulted in a lack of storage space, it seemed that eBooks were the way to go. After taking a peek at a friend’s Kindle in work and much discussion with fellow tweeting book worms Karie, Chloe, Sharon and Hazel  (thanks ladies) I decided I was a Kindle person.

Kindle Review

Considering that Sharon and Chloe are wholly responsible for my ever-growing “to-read” list on Goodreads, thanks to their amazing reviews on their respective blogs(Chloe is HERE and Sharon is HERE, you’ll adore them), I figured the Kindle was a good buy for a book worm. Or maybe they’re just  spendaholic enablers.

Down to business… my first impressions of the Kindle. 

I’ve only had the Kindle (The paperwhite edition) a week, and I fell in love with it instantly.

The feel of it; smooth, matte and feather light was what sold me most of all. It means I can read enormous books without it weighing my handbag down. It fits right into the small inside pocket of my handbag and even on a packed train to work I can still comfortable read it because it’s so small. For the lads, it is the perfect size to slip into your coat pocket.

I also love it because of the money saving aspect and the ease of use. The Kindle books are typically around the €4-€6 mark, as opposed to the sometimes outrageous prices you would pay in a book shop. I realise there are cheaper alternatives like The Book Depository, but then you have to wait at least 4 days for your book to come!

It is 100% user friendly, too. With a simple touch screen and a handy user introduction when you first switch it on there is not much you could get confused about. You can even load books to your kindle from your desktop or phone if you think of a book you want to read and don’t have your device to hand.

Finally, I feel like I am reading a lot more now that I have the Kindle. As much of a book worm as I am (I do read every day, typically), I am an abominably slow reader. It could take me a month to read a book normally, sometimes longer. Put it this way; I ambitiously decided to take the Good reads challenge and set myself a target of 30 books. I’ve read 9.

Like I said, I only have the Kindle a week and I am already halfway through the very intriguing Cop Town by  Karin Slaughter (because the aforementioned Sharon reviewed it). It is just so much easier to fly through a book using it.

A couple of other features worth mentioning are the dictionary; one click and you are given the definition and it saves into a little vocabulary log, and the highlight feature; press down to highlight and drag across the sentence, it saves in your notes and you can look back on your favourite lines and quotes whenever you want, this is definitely one of my favourite things about it.

Kindle review, highlight feature

I would absolutely recommend The Kindle Paperwhite to any serious bookworms out there; you’ll save on space, you’ll save on money long term and you can read it under the covers thanks to the backlight. Yes, the look and feel of a book is fantastic and no, I wouldn’t turn my nose up at a book if it was lent to me or gifted to me (I think books are the most thoughtful gift) but this is genuinely the best material investment I have made since I bought my car.

You can pick one up in PC World for €139 or €79.99 for the non-touch screen version.


Fitness & Health: Week 6 Update – You are not a set of numbers.

You are not a set of numbers

As I explained in my recent update post, I’ve been taking a little break from blogging as furiously as I had been. As I result I haven’t been updating you on my 7 Week programme.

I am heading towards my final Personal Training Session and I will be heading straight into another Seven; with more gusto and determination than I have given this one.

That’s not to say that I haven’t been working hard, I have, and I hope my trainer, Mairead, will back me up there. I haven’t been getting my desired results, though, and I have started to nitpick at parts of my body and feel pretty down about the lack of visible progress. I mean, that’s not the main reason I’m training, there are many reasons, but when you work so hard it becomes a little frustrating not to see the results.

I’ve been trying pretty hard the past week to live by the mantra “You are not a set of numbers”.Fitness isn't about weight.

Instead, I try to focus on what I like to call my “non-scale victories”, rather than on the weight I haven’t lost or the inches I haven’t shed.

I’m Stronger

I’m much, much more confident than I was five months ago

I trained for two whole hours in a row this week and didn’t collapse!

I bought a pair of size 8 trousers and fit into them (just about, mind)

I can resist junk food a lot more than I used to be able to 

I am in control of how I feel

I LOVE my shoulders and general clavicle area, and I have never even liked a single centimetre of my body before in my entire life.

I’m not taking anti-depressants any longer (bit of a huge deal for me to even admit publicly that I was taking them)

Hurray for Non-scale Victories!

The second one on the list is something I need to keep drawing myself back to; five months, it’s only been five months since I started this journey and I have already achieved quite a lot. The scales and the inches come second to my levels of confidence that were never present before, the ability to actually say, “I really like this part of my body” and everything else on that list.

Weight does not dictate your health

If you have been feeling a little crappy about your weight or certain parts of your body stop criticising yourself and think about your Non-Scale Victories. Throw away the celeb magazines and the diet plan books and look at yourself for who you really are and not what society and the trashy arm of the media tells you to be. Remember, if you are going to get on to a fitness or nutrition plan you should do it for you and for no one else! You are a person with intelligence,  personality, interests, hobbies, quirks, emotions and passions; you are not defined by the pounds on the scale or the width of your waist.

What are your Non-scale victories? Celebrate them in the comments! 

*images from pinterest.

Beauty: Full list of Republic of Ireland NYX stockists

Full List of NYX Stockists in Ireland

The beauty blogsphere is clattering with excitment about the arrival of NYX to Irish pharmacies.

NYX is one of those cult brands from America that everyone stocks up on. It’s reasonably priced; falling somewhere between bargain brand Wet N’ Wild and pharmacy favourites, Bourjois Paris.

NYX Stockists Ireland

The brand is best known for its wide selection of liners, the much coveted “Wonder Stick”  and the many, many shades and finishes of lipstick it releases each year.

The hype is considerably smaller than it was when Wet N’ Wild was coming to down; largely due to the fact that it isn’t as readily available. It is currently only available in a few pharmacies across Ireland, with plans to roll it out a little further in the coming months.

See below for the full list of stockists!


















Bonus Stockist! Littlewoods Ireland also stock NYX. Shop it here. 


Infographic: Boy Band Mania – The perfect recipe!




When Helen from sent this along to me, I had to reblog it!

I am partial to the odd bit of pop music, in particular Take That and The Backstreet Boys, so this “Boyband Mania”infographic intrigued me immensely. Boyband Mania is rife in Ireland at the moment; we just recently said goodbye to One Direction, not a group I’m fond of to be honest, and Busted rolled into town last night.

What I found most surprising was The Backstreet Boys’ old manager’s shenanigans. Shocking, altogether.

Boyband stats

Interesting, eh? Visit for more interesting tidbits and great articles. What do you think of the recipe for the perfect boyband? To the comments!

Birthday Giveaways!: Win tickets to see Neil Delamere in Kilkenny

Irish comedian Neil Delamere is taking his charming wit to Kilkenny’s Langtons on the 23rd of January!

The Offaly man who rose to fame on RTE’s The Panel  is known for his satirical take on every day situations and you could be taking it easy in Langtons in a few days time.

Neil Delamere tickets

Are you a fan of Neil Delamere? All you have to do is fill in the form below to be in with a chance of winning.

Winner will be contacted on Monday so be quick!


Thanks to Andrea Keogh for the tickets!




Birthday Giveaways!: Win one of TWO pairs of Tickets No Regrets- The Music of Edith Piaf

Did you miss out on tickets to Jeannette Byrne’s No regrets- The Music of Edith Piaf yesterday? Don’t worry, here’s another chance!

We’ll have two winners on this one, each will get a pair of tickets to see this much in demand show at Dublin’s Chancery Lane on Februrary 8th or March 22nd

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