Beauty: Dream Dots- A Magical spot treatment? | Review

I’ve read quite a few reviews of new Irish Product, Dream Dots, Over the past while and I don’t like to get in the habit of reviewing “so hot right now” products. That being said, as a sufferer of oily skin and frequent outbreaks I feel it is my humble duty to add to the many reviews you may have already read. 

So, in case you aren’t aware of what this allegedly skin saving product is; Dream Dots are tiny little see through discs that put on the offending blemish and, it says on their website, vanishes it overnight.

Now, the few reviews I have read about this certainly innovative product have all sung the praises of this product saying they have indeed seen their spots disappear overnight or over the course of two nights and I am delighted to say that I have similar results to report.

Two days after these little discs arrived in the post a spot suddenly appeared on my face. A big one. And it was the only time I was ever glad to have a spot because it meant I could test out this new product.

Spot treatments

This was one of those red spots that no concealer could possibly hide, so before bed I stuck one of those little bad boys on and the following morning it was still there, although I couldn’t help but notice it went from offensively red to coyishly pink. Much easier to conceal and less obvious without make up. See below for initial outrageously red state of the spot and what it looked like the next morning.

Dream dots reviewdreamdots review

I tried another dream spot a second night and low and behold, it had indeed disappeared. Vanished off my face! What kind of blissful witchery is this? It’s cruelty and vegan freely witchery so we have all pluses on all fronts; a product that works and isn’t tested on animals.

I was very sceptical when I heard about the product at first but I was surprised to discover that it’s not a gimmick.

The only issue with this product are the bodies that recommend it; Rosanna Davidson and a couple of well known media outlets/figures that I for one don’t respect and wouldn’t purchase because they say it’s good.

My opinions on mainstream media aside, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is prone to sneaky spot outbreaks, and don’t they always come when you have an event on the horizon? They have become a regular in my oily skin combating arsenal.

These dots are great to have when even the best of blemish fighting products can’t hold them off.

Where to buy Dream Dots?

You can buy a pack of 24 or a double pack of 48 for €14.95 and €24.95 respectively either on the brand’s website HERE or in certain pharmacies such as Mc Cabes and Sam Mc Cauleys.

Does this sound like something you would try? 


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