Fitness & Health: My progress and how I do it Part 2 – Training

Fitness for fat loss – How I’m doing it

Last week I started a mini series about how I dropped inches and boosted my mood since I adopted a new lifestyle in February. Part one tackled what I honestly believe is the most important part of losing body fat and gaining confidence; nutrition. Read about my new, healthy, totally sustainable nutrition habits HERE

This second and final part will give a little bit of insight into how I have been training to get stronger and leaner.

I’m going to do this post in a slightly different way by answering questions I get asked all the time since I started blogging about fitness.

Before I start, I don’t want you to utter or even think “oh, I haven’t got the time for that”. I work full time, I write freelance, I run this blog and I maintain some kind social life; I still fit in training because I know that if I don’t, I won’t see the results. If my full schedule isn’t enough to convince you, how about the plenty of people that train in the same place I do who work unsociable shifts and have families and still get the time to train? If you want it, you make the time, just like you make the time to watch all the soaps every evening, or spend hours browsing through Facebook.

Progress pictures

“How many times a week do you train?”

I train a minimum of 4 times a week but I try and aim for 6 training sessions and one well earned rest day.

“What kind of classes do you do?”

I do TRX and Kettlebell classes and Spin and Kettlebell classes with the odd circuit/bootcamp style class thrown in.

I adore cardio, so despite my trainer telling me to ease up on it, I still pop along to at least one spin class a week. I love the rush of the cardio and I like feeling exhausted after a workout and the spin and kettlebell classes certainly take care of that.

TRX and Kettlebells is pure resistance training with a slight element of cardio. TRX is something I would really love to master; I am as awkward as a giraffe and my core really needs strengthening but I still give the more difficult exercises a go, often dangling helplessly from the straps. I love this type of training because it helps to build strength and it really gives the muscles an intense workout.

My strength has come along leaps and bounds since I started on the Kettlebells going from hardly being able to lift a 5kg bell (yep, I was that weak) to giving the 16kg a good go and I credit these wonderful inventions with a lot of my progress.

“What other training do you do?”

When I’m on a Personal Training programme, which I am at the minute, hence my constant blogging about fitness, I train once a week with my trainer, focusing on strength and strength alone. These are my most intense training sessions, lifting heavier than I do when I’m on my own and really pushing myself until I feel I can’t push any further.

I try to fit in 3 classes a week and supplement them with training at home or doing sprint intervals.

I lift weights at home, typically fitting in a 40 minute session or, depending on my mood, I might do some body weight training, such as bench dips, planks, mountain climbers, press ups and so on. At home I also like to get some Tabata style exercises done, setting out a 30 minute routine of sprints, squat jumps, plyometric lunges and so on. Again, love me some cardio.


I absolutely adore weight training; lifting heavy weights after years of refusing to is what has helped me progress through the months. I know if I was to ease of it I would never reach my overall goals in terms of inch loss, weight loss and fitness levels.

“Are you concerned about getting muscles?”

Ehm, I WANT muscles! No, I don’t want to look like Triple H, but yes, I would like some muscle definition on my arms and abs.

If the question was “Are you not concerned about looking like Triple H?”, the answer would be no, I’m not concerned. Weight training is a fat blaster! I had been doing very little aside from cardio for three years and saw no increase in fitness, no strength increase, very little inch loss and my mood didn’t improve. Since I fell in love with strength and weight training I have seen the inches on my arms, waist and legs shrink, I’ve seen visible changes in my body shape that I am really happy with, I’m stronger, fitter and feel so much more confident that I ever have in my life.

When my arms and abs really start defining, I will be proud and confident. I’m losing mass, not gaining it and to look like Triple H I would have to gain about 15 Claires, so no, I’m not worried in the slightest, and you shouldn’t be either! Women who lift don’t = women who look like male wrestlers.

“Do you not get tired?” 

Of course training is tiring but if you have the right nutritional balance and are essentially eating to train, energy shouldn’t be a huge issue.  Remember, food fuels your body.

At the beginning of my first 6 week train bout I found myself exhausted by the end of it but I’ve learned since to listen to my body; If I’m really drained I’ll look at what I’m eating and make adjustments if necessary, or I’ll stick to cardio instead of lifting heavy that day. I rarely get seriously fatigued these days, in fact I was more consistently tired when my activity low.

Take a look at my survival guide to eating healthy to ensure you don’t slump HERE. 

So, that’s my training in a nutshell. I am passionate about fitness, As my strength grows, so does my passion for healthy living and training. It is hard to get into but once you find something that works for you, you too will fall in love. If you fall in love with the process you will see results you love.

 I said at the beginning of this post, if you really want something you will make the time for it, and I really want to continue to feel as good about myself and life in general as I do when I am fit and healthy.

Are there any more questions about my regimen you’d like me to answer? How do you train? Head to the comments and get a discussion going!  


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