Tune of the week: Travis Oaks- Last Love Song

I’m a terrible music blogger! Musicandeverything.com is a lifestyle blog initially based around music and reaching out to like minded ladies (and men) who tend to veer towards the non-mainstream but not in a “hipster” way. Hipsters are mainstream. I hold my paws up and say “I have been neglecting the music aspect of things”. It’s my bread and butter and I think perhaps critiquing music is hard for a passionate music lover because I want to enjoy it not pick it apart. That being said I felt an urge to resurrect the Tune of The Week after an accidental hiatus after hearing a great track from an Irish four piece act.

Travis Oaks’ Last Love Song struck a chord with me, punsville, not intended.

Although this is technically his first release, the four piece has done phenomenally well in generating a good name for himself thanks to his obvious talent, winning a support slot with The Hot Sprockets and the indie promotional powerhouse that is Numu Promotions.

This stunning song and appropriate accompanying video is officially released today. Check out the video below. Enjoy!



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