Fitness & Health: Week 6 Update – You are not a set of numbers.

You are not a set of numbers

As I explained in my recent update post, I’ve been taking a little break from blogging as furiously as I had been. As I result I haven’t been updating you on my 7 Week programme.

I am heading towards my final Personal Training Session and I will be heading straight into another Seven; with more gusto and determination than I have given this one.

That’s not to say that I haven’t been working hard, I have, and I hope my trainer, Mairead, will back me up there. I haven’t been getting my desired results, though, and I have started to nitpick at parts of my body and feel pretty down about the lack of visible progress. I mean, that’s not the main reason I’m training, there are many reasons, but when you work so hard it becomes a little frustrating not to see the results.

I’ve been trying pretty hard the past week to live by the mantra “You are not a set of numbers”.Fitness isn't about weight.

Instead, I try to focus on what I like to call my “non-scale victories”, rather than on the weight I haven’t lost or the inches I haven’t shed.

I’m Stronger

I’m much, much more confident than I was five months ago

I trained for two whole hours in a row this week and didn’t collapse!

I bought a pair of size 8 trousers and fit into them (just about, mind)

I can resist junk food a lot more than I used to be able to 

I am in control of how I feel

I LOVE my shoulders and general clavicle area, and I have never even liked a single centimetre of my body before in my entire life.

I’m not taking anti-depressants any longer (bit of a huge deal for me to even admit publicly that I was taking them)

Hurray for Non-scale Victories!

The second one on the list is something I need to keep drawing myself back to; five months, it’s only been five months since I started this journey and I have already achieved quite a lot. The scales and the inches come second to my levels of confidence that were never present before, the ability to actually say, “I really like this part of my body” and everything else on that list.

Weight does not dictate your health

If you have been feeling a little crappy about your weight or certain parts of your body stop criticising yourself and think about your Non-Scale Victories. Throw away the celeb magazines and the diet plan books and look at yourself for who you really are and not what society and the trashy arm of the media tells you to be. Remember, if you are going to get on to a fitness or nutrition plan you should do it for you and for no one else! You are a person with intelligence,  personality, interests, hobbies, quirks, emotions and passions; you are not defined by the pounds on the scale or the width of your waist.

What are your Non-scale victories? Celebrate them in the comments! 

*images from pinterest.


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