Update: I’ve been slacking off… sort of.

Catch Up


Hopefully at least one person noticed that I haven’t been blogging so much these days. I suppose you could say I have been slacking off but in reality I’ve been working harder than ever.

I started a Sports Nutrition course so I have been knuckling down and studying hard as well as working all week-long. I’m nearly finished my assignments and my final exam is at the end of August but boy has it been hard.

I found it was beneficial to my health to take a little step away from blogging while getting through the toughest part of it because it is quite an intense course and something completely new to me; a blogger with a background in Journalism and Media Management taking on an intensive course in Nutrition!

As well as this regular readers will know that I am in the middle of a training programme, which I blogged about but slacked off on because of the educational commitments!

The training has been both frustrating and rewarding. I’m getting stronger but perhaps the results just aren’t coming quick enough for my liking. All the same, though, I am in love with process.

Both the nutrition course and the training programme are preparation for something coming up in the autumn that I am sure you will be bored to tears reading about (provided I get the chance to write!)

All in all things have been quite exciting and dull in equal measure – I haven’t been doing much other than working, studying, eat right and training hard as well as some winding down over the past three weeks.

Over the next couple of weeks I will only have time to update you on my fitness journey; a section of the blog that has been gaining quite a of of interest.

As well as all of this I’ve been trying to get a few personal things in order – my main priority in life right now is to learn to be more positive, look out for myself and not listen to any doubters. This new lease of life has been 100% a result of my lifestyle change.

So, that’s my little update. Not overly exciting, eh? But exciting things are certainly in motion. Once my assignments are out of the way I will be back on track and I have plenty of content planned for your reading pleasure from essential fitness buys to face mask reviews and more.

Then, in September I’ll be dwindling off the blogosphere as I start to make some big changes in my life. All for the better. As my life changes, maybe the blog will go through another overhaul or perhaps a sister blog is on the horizon, who knows? Regardless the future is looking  wonderfully tumultuous and stimulating!

Isn’t it annoying when life gets in the way of your hobbies?


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