Beauty: Physician’s Formula Eyebooster liner + Serum | Review

My first taste of lauded American beauty brand Physician’s Formula came just a couple of weeks ago when I was sent their Lash Boosting Liner + Serum to review.

To be perfectly honest; I had never heard of the brand before it launched in Ireland in May. I’d never been to America and no one I know has ever brought any back; how was I to know that yet another affordable brand was out of my reach?

Alas, after using this liner I am quite excited to try out some other products from the range.

So what is the Eyebooster?

This is Physician Formula’s flagship eyeliner; hugely popular in the US, or so a quick search on the googliser told me, and increasingly becoming one of my favourite eyeliners.

Physicians Formula Eyeliner Ireland

If you are new to my beauty reviews, I must inform you that I need eyeliner. Need it. It was the first make up product I ever used (aside from a garish purple shadow I wore to match my trousers on my confirmation day) and there have been few days since when I haven’t worn at least a little. My former favourite eyeliner was Mac’s liquid liner in Boot Black; unbeatable quality, I’m sure any eyeliner afficionados will agree. However, the €20 price tag wore thin recently and I’ve been searching for a cheaper alternative (I will never use another pencil other than Mac’s, just FYI, it’s irreplacably perfect). The couple of liquid and gel liners I’ve been playing around with were so non-descript, I haven’t even considered reviewing them; Tony Moly’s gel liner is the best I’ve used, but it’s still a Gel, not my friend, Bourjois stung the bejaysus (that’s sort of Irish for Hell, for our non-Irish readers) out of my eyelids and Topshop’s pen liner was just very, very bad.

Physicians Forumla Ireland

Enter, the Eyebooster. A liner that claims to expertly and easily line eyes while treating your lashes from the root as well. Honestly, I’m not buying the second part, although perhaps two weeks is not enough time to see the difference. I’ve seen no improvement on my lashes, but that’s not why I would buy an eyeliner anyway; I buy it for the quality, ease of application and intensity of the black.

The Eyebooster is almost gel like in consistency. It goes on as slick and smooth as a gel liner without having to drag a brush along your tender eyelid. The nib is flexible, smooth and thin; ideal for a subtle yet effect line and perfect for flicks.

Physicians Formula

I’ve been using this every day in Brown and although Brown is not my colour (us rocker gals love to rock the deepest, darkest of blacks around our eyes), I have fallen for this beauty of a product. As soon as I can I’m purchasing a black liner, and I am confident that will be the end of my eyeliner hunt. I will probably keep the brown for subtle looks and let loose the more intense black as soon as I get my enthusiastic paws on it.

 It is so slick and easy to manage; furthermore it is effectively smudge proof. I’m an eye toucher, I will admit that, and it doesn’t budge throughout they day; it even survived the sweatiest workout of my life! It is the highest quality eye liner I have used since I gave up  on Mac, in fact I would probably go so far as to say I much prefer it, quality wise, to the more expensive brand.

This eyeliner has the power to get you very excited about a brand that launches up to 50 new products a year. F-I-F-T-Y. I’m not sure I can handle that. Could effectively turn into a PF only blog? Quite possibly, if their other products live up to the standard set by this eyeliner.

The liner is available in Brown, Black and Ultra Black; I’m still awaiting a full list of stockists but I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

What are your favourite physicians forumla products? 

Are you dying to get your paws on this eyeliner?


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