Music: Sinead O’ Connor – Take Me To Church

Sinead O’ Connor is back, and fabulous!

Whatever your opinions about Sinead O’ Connor’s public persona, there is no denying her talent. She is beautiful in many ways, not least of all in her haunting vocals and crafted songwriting skills.

As the coverart for her upcoming album I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss was released recently, it’s quite fitting to see that we are getting a little teaser of what is to come.

As the heading states, this track is fabulous, topical and delivered with perfection. You will love this.

Happy listening!

 Click here to listen


2 thoughts on “Music: Sinead O’ Connor – Take Me To Church

  1. Thanks for posting this, Claire. It’s really good, very catchy. It’s nice to see her back doing what she does best. Sometimes I think people forget how talented she actually is, she’s one of the best female musicians to ever come out of Ireland in my humble opinion! I’m looking forward to her new album 🙂

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