Beauty: My Urbana Laser Hair Removal Experience – Session 6

Urbana Laser Hair Removal


Considering Laser hair removal? Whether or not you have been following my experience with Urbana on Wicklow Street Dublin, session 6 will definitely convince you that this is for you.

I’m not far off finishing my sessions at this point and I am very much looking forward to not having to get my legs zapped every few weeks.

Leading up to the 6th session, I had no issues to speak of. I had only a little growth, light blonde hairs that were buffed away with an exfoliator easily. What a dream! Those of you considering laser hair removal probably have dark hair so you know the plight of having to shave quite often. To barely have to worry about it is so unbelievable.

I still have some slight ingrowns which caused problems around the time of my third and forth sessions,  my calf muscles but I’ve invested in a product, soon to be reviewed, that will hopefully banish them for good.

The 6th session was definitely the most pleasant; it was virtually painless and I had no itching or redness at all afterwards. I’m told that’s because there are less and less hair follicles to irritate with each session.

I haven’t shaved the bottom half of my legs since the session on 24th of May purely because I haven’t had too.

Once again, I must reiterate the importance of aftercare. In earlier posts I confessed how I wasn’t maintaining the after care from session to session. Now that I have taken to vigourously moisturising and buffing every day I have definitely learned why it is so important. If you don’t moisturise your legs will get very dry and if you don’t exfoliate you get irritating red dots caused by ingrown hairs.

Thus far my experience has be incomparrible. Everyone at Urbana is friendly and approachable, and they are flexible when it comes to appoints if you have to cancel without charging you.

Please head back to my first post about Urbana for the ins and outs of the equipment they use. I can assure you that they use the best available, and where your skin is concerned that is so important.

For prices and deals pop on to  And Remember, Urbana also have a salon in Drogheda!

Have you ever considered Laser Hair Removal? Maybe you’ve had it already and would like to share your experiences below. 


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