Music: August MS425 Bluetooth Speaker | Review

Is this the best Bluetooth Speaker?

A Bluetooth Speaker has to be the modern music lover’s best friend. You can take your music anywhere and crank it up, depending on the quality.

Truth be told, the August MS425 Bluetooth Speaker is the first of it’s kind that I have used, so I have nothing to compare it to apart from speakers that plug into your phone or Mp3 player.

Bluetoothe Speaker August


To my surprise, I discovered that the speaker has a microphone which means that you can chat away on the phone if someone calls you during your precious listening time. This would also be handy for calling someone with a group of people; you can all chat away, no hassel.  It is quite small, light and easy to transport. The Bluetooth range claims to reach 30 feet and indeed, I’ve tested it out, leaving my phone inside to charge while I sat about 30 feet away from it out the back.

There is also a jack to attach non-bluetooth devices. Bonus points; they come in an array of colours.

Ease of use

This Bluetooth speaker is very easy to use; you switch it on, turn your bluetooth on your mobile device and connect with the speaker. Start playing music and adjust volume to your liking. No fuss at all, which is important in a speaker; the quicker the music lover gets to listen in, the more satisfied they will be.


This is the deciding factor with me. I’ve been surprised by speakers’ volume in the past; the mini speakers you can get in Carphone Warehouse have impressive volume for a small thing. The volume on the August Bluetooth Speaker is phenomenal.

Not only is it reasonably loud when you turn the volume up on the speaker, when you turn it up on the device it will blast your eardrums in the best way possible!

Where can you buy it?

Unfortunately August speakers are not available in tech retailers in Ireland at the moment. As soon as they are I’ll be sure to tell Twitter (follow me here) because this a diamond of a speaker. You can however, purchase it on  or Amazon.

Have you used a bluetooth speaker before? What are your thoughts. 


3 thoughts on “Music: August MS425 Bluetooth Speaker | Review

  1. I have the jawbone jambox Bluetooth speaker and I love it!! Expensive but so worth it! Luckily I have an awesome brother who surprised me with it for my birthday last year!x

  2. I hadn’t heard of one until now! I’m so behind on everything tech and music wise! It sounds like a great little invention though, I think my other half would be interested in one so I might pick one up for his birthday!

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