Beauty: Is it worth saving your beauty splurge for the UK?

Is it really cheaper to buy make up in the UK?

The question that rests on every beauty addicts lips as she attempts to convert Sterling to Euro while clasping a Revlon Primer. 

First of all, I know I promised this post last week but, you know, life.

I picked up a sizeable haul in Debenhams, Superdrug and the airport in Edinburgh, as I always do when I jet over to the UK, but this time around I wasn’t so sure of the value for money.

Budget buys

Superdrug budget buys

Here is what I picked up in Superdrug, some stellar purchase that have definitely got a lot of usage since I return from Scotland last week. I’ve convert all prices to euro and compared them to actual in store prices to see if it really makes a difference to bulk make up buy in the UK.

1. MUA LilacBelle Lipstick 

This is a new shade for Summer 2014 and I felt compelled to pick it up because of it’s soft purple shade; not as intense as Mac’s Heroine, a favourite of mine, but still daring enough.

Superdrug Price £: £1.00 

Superdrug Price €: €2

Actual conversion €: €1.22

Verdict: Worth it.

2. Beauty UK Blush

As far as I could see when browsing Superdrug in Santry, this brand isn’t available in Ireland yet, so an actual comparrison can’t be made. This was only £3.99  and because it isn’t available here (correct me if I am wrong), it is most certainly worth buying! It has become my daily blush because it is obvious but not too heavy, if you get me.

Verdict: Just buy it, it’s only €4.86. Jeez.

LilacBelle and Beauty UK Blush in Action

LilacBelle and Beauty UK Blush in Action

3. Barry M Gelly Lips in Alpha

I’m a fan of lip crayons, not a fan of this though. It was sloppy, unflattering and it broke on first use. Boo you, Barry M.

Superdrug Price £: £4.99

Boots Price €: €7.49

Actual conversion €: €6.07

Verdict: You’re saving, but it’s still not worth buying.

B. Vibrant Lip and Cheek Colour in Prom

I love this product. The shade is love, great for cheeks and lips, and it has nice staying power too. I never buy B. products in Ireland because it should be cheap, but it’s not over here.

Superdrug Price £: £7.99

Superdrug Price €: €11.49

Actual conversion: €9.73

Verdict: Worth it

Bourjois Rouge Velvet Edition (In three shades, I’ve problems, ok?) 

The most covetable bargain product of the year. I love these all so much. The shades are vibrant, they are matte, which always wins with everything in my book (cars, foundation, lipstick…book covers), and they feel weightless. How did it measure up in price.

Superdrug Price £: £8.99

Boots  Price €: €10.99

Actual conversion: €10.95

Verdict: Good news, you don’t have to wait until your trip away to buy this gem!

Bourjois Velvet Rouge in Hot Pepper & B. Vibrant Cheek pencil in Action

Bourjois Velvet Rouge in Hot Pepper in Action

Bourjois two sided parer. 

This kind of product is a necessity for fans of chubby stick eyeshadows, something I have fallen for out of laziness above all else. This comes with a nifty cover as all of them should, but a few sneaky ones don’t (hello, own brand superdrug).

Superdrug Price £: £3.49

Boots  Price €: €3.29

Actual conversion: €4.25

Verdict: Damn!

Generally, it is worth getting your most coveted budget beauty products on the otherside of the Irish sea, bar a couple of exceptions. All those odd €1 savings add up, at least that is what you can tell your doubters next time you get the large basket in Superdrug.

Keep an eye out for my high end beauty buys post soon, and my clothes haul.

Can you argue with these figures? Do you think it’s a waste saving your make up splurging for a planned trip away?  To the comments! 


2 thoughts on “Beauty: Is it worth saving your beauty splurge for the UK?

  1. Jeez, Barry M has some conversion rate issues eh? I was the same when I was in Edinburgh there recently, it felt like I was saving on stuff but I wasn’t sure..I should’ve had you there with your calculator 😉

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