Let’s Talk Blog Challenge: Summer Essentials… the ultimate playlist.

This week’s task in the Let’s Talk Blog Challenge, run by the wonderful Sarah of At The Beauty Desk , is “Summer Essentials”. Since the majority of those taking part are beauty bloggers I will presume that a lot the posts this evening will be centred around style and cosmetics, so hopefully this offers up something a little different for you to sink your teeth into. Meanwhile I look forward to reading everyone else’s. 

Tis the season for endless summer compilations; Summer Dance House, Summer Hits 2014 and so on. I’ve yet to see one for those with a more alternative taste in music with tracks that aren’t played incessantly on the radio anyway. For a sunshine filled playlist to soundtrack your summer, whether the weather matches up to your expectations.

Bruce Springsteen – High Hopes

 Springsteen is the king of anthems and this track is definitely a must for a summer playlist. It’s high notes of positivity and blasting, momentous instrumental greatness, this sing along number should be top of the list.

Arctic Monkeys- Why’d you only call me when your high?

Realised in the height of summer last year, this track not only has the right timeline but the right air about to make for perfect lounging in the sun music.


 Queens of The Stone Age – Lost Art of Keeping A Secret

Josh Homme’s drawling voice is the epitome of summer; soothing, lazy and somewhat dazed. Add to that the lightly treading baseline and the cooing chorus, it is a stunning summer track.

Vampire Weekend – Ya Hey

Everything Vampire Weekend is dripping in sunshine but I decided to go with one of their tracks with a light and airy feel to it.

Passion Pit – Take A Walk

No summer playlist is complete without a Passion Pit track. The epitomise the carefree dalliances of a summer day spent soaking up the sun with friends or family.

I’d love to know what you would add to this summer playlist? Leave it in the comments below. 

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16 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Blog Challenge: Summer Essentials… the ultimate playlist.

  1. Bruce is coming up twice! Just thought I’d let you know 😛
    But great picks! I looooove that Arctic Monkeys song. That album AM is a great summer album! 😀
    And YAY a QOTSA fan! Love them so much! 🙂

  2. Bruce is coming up twice for me! Just thought I’d let you know!
    I loooove that Arctic Monkey’s song! I love all of AM to be honest! Great summer album! 🙂
    And YAY a QOTSA fan! I love them 🙂

  3. I actually hadn’t heard of some these songs and actually love them all. I love listening to music on summer days so think I’ll have to add these to my playlist..Passion Pit just remind me of drinking and festivals-great playlist Claire x

  4. For me Oasis are the ultimate summer soundtrack. I just the the flow of the songs on their Time Flies album is perfect for sitting in the garden or beach or a session with a cold beer in the sun. It always feels like summer when they come on my iPod!

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