Baking Bad: Bundt Friday! Bundt cake recipe

“Smell your bundts. Smell your neighbours bundts”

Since I was a pretty avid Sabrina the Teenage Witch viewer right up into my teens, I have always appreciated the understated one liner style comedy the show could always produce; even funnier now in adulthood than they were then. One line that I regularly say, for no reason at all is the one quoted above. I never really knew what a bundt was, other than that it was in Sabrina, and it can cause issues if you put truth sprinkles on it.

When I was moseying around Lidl one day, I spotted a bundt tin and bought it purely for nostalgic reasons. When I began looking into bundt recipes I soon realised that you can make any style cake, throw it in this dome shaped tin and call it a bundt. I was disappointed, to be honest. Nonetheless, I recently put my bundt tin to use and decided to go for a Mocha sponge. Turns out, Bundt tins are trickier than I thought.

Ingredients for Mocha Bundt Cake

200g of self raising flour

150g of caster sugar

2tbs of pure cocoa (I use Bournville by Cadbury as it’s 100% Cocoa with no added ingredients)

2tbs of Instant Coffee Mixed with half a mug of cold water

4 Eggs

1Tsp of Caster Sugar

1 Teaser Bar/Bunny


Sieve the flour into a large mixing bowl

Add the sugar

Add two eggs and mix

Pour in the coffee and cocoa powder with two more eggs and mix again

Mix until you have a thick but slightly runny batter; it should almost fold into your tin

Bake in a preheated Oven for 25 minutes.

Melt your teaser bar/bunny and spread around the wall of the hole

How did it turn out?

Well, it turned out quite well, however I must confess that the ingredients used were a little copious for my tiny tin.

About 15 minutes into baking time the mixture started oozing over the sides of the tin. I had to quickly tidy up and let it continue baking before it totally destroyed the oven. Here’s a little tip, if you have a relatively small bundt tin, just fill it up about half way, otherwise it will start to take on a life of its own.

Bundt Cake Recipes

It's alive gif

I was glad that I didn’t use butter in my recipe for this cake; the consistency was just right for a coffee based cake and I think the butter would have made it a little less spongy, if you get me. While it was a little wonky on the base due the massive overflow of chocolatey goodness, the bundt tin really makes for a beautiful cake.

It may have gotten off to a potentially explosive start, but a little trimming and a dash of caster sugar, and it was quite a pretty cake.

The pattern on the tin is pretty much all the presentation you need with a cake like this.

Bundt Cake

The teaser bar was a nice touch; the little hint of extra chocolate and the crunch of the malteaser bits made the cake a little more special.

The Reaction

My 12 year old nephew Adam is now my designated cake tester. He certainly takes after his Aunty Claire when it comes to his love for cake. He had two slices, and I’m pretty sure he would have had three if we let him, so that can only be a good thing. The expert effectively gave it two thumbs up.

Elsewhere I got yummy noises and I was asked for the recipe; both compliments any baker would be proud of.

Bundt Cake Recipes

Baking Bad Tunes:

 I very much enjoy baking to soul music. And yes, I did dance around like Duckie in Pretty Pink when this one came on. Fun Claire Fact; this is one of my very favourite songs of all time.

Have you ever baked a bundt cake? Be honest, it was because of Sabrina, wasn’t it? 


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