Beauty: Rimmel’s Shades for Paler Skin | Match Perfection Foundation

A few months back, everyone’s favourite budget beauty brand Rimmel announced that they were releasing paler shades in their foundation ranges. The pale skinned among us rejoiced and prepared to spend that little bit less on foundations henceforth.

I’ve been trying out their Match Perfection foundation in the new Lighter Porcelain (010) shade, suitable for those of us with a lighter tone. It makes sense for a brand so popular in Ireland to release a paler shade of foundation and given that it took quite a few visits to different chemists to get  it, it must be quite popular.

I have never used any of Rimmel’s foundations apart from Lasting Finish, which I used prior to accepting how pasty I am. This was because the shades were just too dark for me and given that Match Perfection is my mother’s foundation of choice, I was very excited to try it out.

The foundation has an SPF of 18, which is always important and it has a fruity scent. Although many people would be put off the scent, I quite like it; it’s sweet and inoffensive, very mild and easy on the smellers.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

The Texture

I am really impressed with the texture of this foundation. Even testing it out on my hand before purchasing it I noticed how light it was. Because of it is so gentle it blends nicely on the skin. Since I started using Vichy’s Fluid Foundation in the Dermablend range I am big on using foundations that are light on the skin.  Match Perfection gets top marks in this department; it’s very light on the skin, definitely one of those “barely there” foundations that are becoming essential in most girls’ make up routine.

Rimmel Foundation in Pale Shade

The Shade

So, has Rimmel finally released the perfect shade for its paler fans? This foundation is really pale. It may even be too pale for some who confidently rock the pale and interesting look. I find it is perfectly suitable to my skin tone. I used it every day for almost a month and recieved no comments regarding concerns for my health; always a worry when trying a new pale foundation.

Rimmel Match Perfection 010 swatch

The Coverage

This is were it falls down a little. I have a very uneven skin tone and I suffer pretty badly with rosacea and blemishes. While I have gotten these skin ailments slightly under control thanks to a few products I’ve been using, it still bothers me and I have my bad skin days. I hating using the word “need” with make up, but I suppose I prefer to have a foundation that covers up these blemishes as much as possible. Unfortunately despite its high quality in terms of shade and texture, Match Perfection isn’t great on coverage if you have particularly obvious blemishes.

The staying power

My mother and I are divided on this; she has been using this foundation for years and has nothing but good things to say for its long lasting finish. I don’t find it lasts very long at all; perhaps it’s paler pigment that causes it to disappear after a couple of hour’s wear. Not great in my book. The first day I wore it purposefully without any primer or setting powder and by the time I got to work (about an hour and a half after application), I had to reapply it completely. It was as though my skin had drank it, leaving unsightly patches around my noise and forehead. Not good. I’ve used it since with quite a lot of tone correcter, primer and setting powder and with those it lasts about half way through the day. For this reason I would only recommend this for a lazy day foundation; a day when you haven’t got much rushing around to do and want a minimal look.

Overall I like this foundation, althought the lack of staying power and coverage is quite off putting. I will continue to use it on days when I’m taking it easy and not really going anywhere and I will continue to be impressed by its pleasant scent, delicate texture and suitable shade.

Have you used this foundation? What do you think of it? Take it to the comments. 


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