Tune of The Week: Able Archer – Ghostmaker

I’ve been blogging about music since I was 19. That’s five years of listening to new singles, EPs, Demos and Albums on a daily basis. Quite a lot of music! A lot of it is enjoyable, sadly some of it is quite forgetable and once in a while I get a little gem to listen to. There are few that merit the term “gem”.

A musical gem, in my book, is a sort of diamond in the rough. Something that stands out in the piles and piles of music related emails that fill my inbox every day. Ones that spring to mind are The Hot Sprockets, Cat Downing, Youth Mass and Crow Black Chicken; all of whom offer something a little edgier than most of the bands I come across. Recently I came across another musical gem in the form of Able Archer. 

The band label themselves as ” A proper rock band with hardly any ironic beards or cardigans”; for that alone, I love them. Backing up this amusing claim is their new single Ghostmaker; a loud and compelling track that will indeed appeal to those who want no frills rock without the pretentiousness of fashion. Not a cardigan in sight.

Take a look at the video below and let me know what you think.


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