Dublin Gem: Kennedy’s Foodstore, Raheny

Grab a bite to eat in Raheny’s latest café

I haven’t done a Dublin Gem post since January; not because I haven’t been out and about, but because a lot of the content I’d gear towards this section of the blog is going to my new gig over at Groupon City Guide. Any foodie places I’ve been to that could have featured on this section have been let downs, to say the least so it took a while before I found somewhere I hadn’t been before that blew my socks off.

I’m keeping it look with this Dublin Gem; I had been meaning to go here since it opened but despite it being a 5 minute drive from my house, I never quite got around to it. It was definitely worth the wait.

Kennedy's Cafe Raheny

The Dublin Gem

Kennedy’s Foodstore has been a fixture in Fairview for quite sometime, with its Bistro collecting plenty of applause and awards along the way. In August of last year the opened the doors of a very quaint café and old style grocery store, much to the delight of Raheny’s population. Located on Raheny’s HillTop , it provides a second alternative to what was the village’s only café for many years, The River Café, located below Supervalu.

Who’ll Like It? 

Cake fanatics

Artisan Food Fans

Coffee Guzzlers

The selling points: The incredible staff, The Granary Bread, Tasty Cakes, Country Kitchen Feel.

The incredible staff

There is nothing that sells a café quite like friendly, efficient staff and Kennedy’s definitely has that. The first thing I noticed was how genuinely pleasant the waiting staff are in this place. So many places are laden with scowling faces that would rather be anywhere else or, worse in my opinion, plastered on smiles and faux pleasantries from patronisingly fake greeters.

The staff in Kennedys Foodstore in Raheny lend to the overall genuine, homely experience of the café. Even at busy times they are welcoming, attentive and helpful; a true testament to their personal characteristics, I’m sure. The girly waiting my table on Mother’s Day even suggested ways to have my sandwich based on the type of bread I was having; where would you get it?

Once in the presence of lovely waiting staff, you get a good feeling about the rest of your visit.

The Granary Bread

The bread is good it deserves it’s own heading! This delicious wholegrain bread is a must try if you are getting a sandwich here. It is thick, has a wonderful bite to it and, yes, it’s perfect toasted. Absolutely perfect. I had a goats cheese and pesto sandwich and it felt pleasurable to eat; a truly wholesome feast.

Kennedys Food Store

Granary Bread Sandwich with delicious carrot and coriander soup

Tasty Cakes

I would turn my nose up at any café that doesn’t offer delicious, fresh cakes after becoming accustomed to Brother Hubbard  and their tasty, tasty cinnamon scrolls. Prepacked cakes from Starbucks and Costa just don’t do it for me anymore!

Kennedys has an amazing selection of beautiful muffins, chocolate slices, brownies, tarts, you name it. On my most recent visit to the foodstore I tried a beautiful Victoria sponge which was perfectly fluffy and not overly sweet; a wonderful treat on the weekend.

Kennedys Foodstore Reviews

Beautiful Victoria Sponge

Country kitchen feel

The Café and food store is a homely, wooden haven in which to escape from the buzz of the city and it fits in perfectly with the village downhill. The wooden paneled walls and unvarnished floor all add to the experience, making the fresh food, and the friendly staff all the more genuine.

It simply felt pleasant to be there, despite being incredibly busy, which certainly merits a few more visits.

If you are in the area and looking for top notch service without any modern and stuffy propensities, this is definitely a place you will want to visit. Even if you don’t have time to sit down, they have a small dry goods store with rare and delicious products.


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