Fitness & Health 6 Week Transformation Results

I absolutely cannot believe that it has been six weeks since I started changing my lifestyle for the better.

It has been a real challenge to get into healthy habits where eating, exercising and even thinking are concerned. Exercising almost every day has been difficult, as has eating the right foods, and eating so often. I have been checking and rechecking ingredients for unnatural additives and eating grapes when I’d rather have a packet of wine gums. I’ve been going to TRX classes when I’d normally be watching Eastenders with my mam and Personal Training Sessions when I’d be binge watching shows on Netflix and munching on all the junk food. And do you know what? I’m going to keep it up!

Enough waffle.

Here are the body transformation  results:

Weight: I dropped 3 pounds. This might sound like nothing for six weeks of hard work but I’m not really interested in the weight as I started of at 9 Stone 5 Pounds, which isn’t exactly heavy. I’m also not that bothered as my amazing trainer, Mairead, continually reminded me it’s about inches, not pounds. So…

Inches: I lost 10.5 inches all over my body! This is the most I have ever lost in any fitness programme I have done and I cannot be happier.

Body Fat %: I dropped 4% bodyfat bringing me down to 25% body fat. I am also incredibly proud of this because I have never lost more than 1% beforehand and I plan on getting it down even more.

Strength: My strength, or lack there of, has always been the butt of my family’s jokes. I am a weakling, text book. When I started this programme, despite already being quite active in terms of exercise, I could just about do kettle bells with a 5kg bell. Just two or three weeks ago I was struggling to lift an 8kg bell over my head and now I’m using 12kg bells. Also, I conquered my everest, The Queen’s/Captain’s Chair. This bad boy defeated me during my first PT session but now it’s no bother to me.

Stamina: My stamina has definitely improved! I don’t find classes anywhere near as tough and torturous as I did to begin with and I find myself less out of breath at the end of an intense workout. I’m even finding the classes I used to struggle with in my local gym too easy!

Body: My body has definitely changed. My tummy has visibly shrunk, my arms are so much more tonned, as well as that my legs look more shapely. I feel like I have a fit body for the first time in my life!

Body Transformation Progress

My Progress – small but something to be proud of!

Below are the before and after shots my trainer took. The first thing I noticed is that I am no longer a Noreen No-Bum! As my trainer said, I lost a belly and gained bum; delighted!

Body Transformation Baldoyle Review

No more Noreen No-Bum

What really matters

This whole thing has been such a positive experience and the first thing I have ever done that I have truly been proud of. I’ve overcome struggles in the past, managed this mildly successful blog and even earned a degree and a good job in Marketing, but this has been the hardest thing I have done and the thing of which I am most proud. It isn’t just about the body, it’s about the mind as well and I am happier, more confident and clearer in my head than I ever have been before. What’s more is, now that I have achieved something I never thought I could, I feel like I can achieve anything.

I was the girl in Secondary School who came up with every excuse under the sun to get out of PE. I was the girl who took extra modules in school just to get out of PE in 5th and 6th year! When I was a teenager all I would eat was chocolate, pasta, chicken and cheese and even in recent times I was practically afraid of eating a big lunch or dinner for fear of getting “fat”. Now? Well now I look forward to exercising, I’m squating in my sleep, or so I’m told! Instead of fretting over what low in calorie foods I’m going to choke down for lunch I’m enjoying planning healthy, nutritious and tasty lunches. What I’m saying is, if I can take on this challenge and come out the otherside a healthier, fitter and more postive person, anyone can.

I’m not done yet; I have some more inches to lose, more muscle to tone and more confidence to earn.

I did my training at Body Transformation Studios in Baldoyle with Mairead, an absolute gem of a trainer who instils positivity and belief in her clients. They have a wonderful nutritionist, Suzanne, who will give you a totally new outlook on food; it is a much more positive and empowering experience than any traditional gym can offer.  Check out their website for more information.

I’d love to read your thoughts on health and fitness below. 


7 thoughts on “Fitness & Health 6 Week Transformation Results

  1. The difference is amazing – I’m doing something similar myself and finding it difficult not to obsess about weight loss. I am so conditioned to care about the scales from WW that I cannot help but care. But after seeing your results I can’t wait to get my measuremens – if I do half as well as you I’ll be over the moon.

    • I struggled with the concept of the scales too. It’s so embedded in our minds that the scale is the definer of health and fitness but that’s not true. a valuable lesson I’ve learned.

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