Fitness & Health: A Minor fitness setback isn’t failure

A Minor fitness setback isn’t a full on failure- Stay Motivated!

A lot of you will know that I have been taking part in my first 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge in the Body Transformation Studio in Baldoyle.

I have been doing quite well as my half way mark  update outlined and I have certainly become addicted to the physical and mental effects exercise and healthy eating has been having on me. I am in my last week now and I have come face to face with the biggest challenge of the 6 weeks; losing weight I put on due to a lapse in judgement.

I was weighed in last Thursday following a weekend of birthday celebrations, namely cocktails, cake, take aways and chocolate. Lots of chocolate. I figured that because I had been doing so well and had lost so much weight and so many inches that one weekend of badness could do no harm; after all “it’s my birthday”.

How wrong was I? Three days (it was a long weekend here in Ireland) set me back two pounds. I was devasted to see the figure on the scale. I was so close to reaching my target of 126 lbs – the weight I had been at my happiest before all the weight gain, and I through it all away for celebratory and emotional eating. I was thoroughly annoyed at myself and vowed that I will never over indulge in such a manner again.

My trainer assured me that it would be easy to lose in the week ahead; which I seriously hope I have as this week is my last of the programme. Failure is not Failure

Looking at the exercise I did this week and my food intake it looks like I’m set to lose half a pound of the two I gained which would leave me with an over all result of about 2 and half pounds lost over the course of 6 weeks. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

One thing I know for sure is that one weekend did an awful lot of damage, but unlike times gone by, I’m not going to call it a failure because I didn’t give up at the sight of  “129” on the weighing scales. This in itself is an achievement because usually I just give up if I don’t see the number on the scales dropping; this certainly shows the mental benefits of regular exercise.

I also have learned massively from this little hiccup that exercise is only half the battle when it comes to wanting to change your  physical appearance and fitness. I had kept up the exercise and saw a huge improvement in my strength and stamina over the past week, but the food cancelled out the other benefits.

All I can advise is that if you have a busy weekend, likely to involve plenty of food and possibly drink, enjoy it, indulge a little, even, but don’t expect further improvement even if you have been keeping up the exercise. Weight goes up and down, motivations peaks and troughs but as long as you keep returning to your healthy habits you will never fail!

Regardless of my little bit of weight gain, I will keep at this even after my final assesment this Thursday. I’ll have a full report of my results ready to go over the weekend, so keep an eye out if you’re interested in seeing progress pictures! I have to admit I am horrendously nervous about my final weigh in and measurements because of this little slip in progress so it could be a very emotional evening!

I’d love to hear if you have had similar setback when trying to lose weight? How do you cope when you don’t get the results you want?


2 thoughts on “Fitness & Health: A Minor fitness setback isn’t failure

  1. This is the story of my life… I am quite good throughout the week then undo all my good work over the weekend. As a food blogger, I spend my weekends eating and drinking and fully believe that exercise cannot outdo a bad diet – I’m the proof, I cannot lose any weight! But in saying that, food is my hobby and I love my blogging so I haven’t tried hard enough.

    You are doing great, you’ll get straight back on track – keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment, Kate. I was always a firm believer that if you exercise you can eat what you want but as you can see i’ve learned otherwise. On the otherhand, your blog is fantastic and you are doing what you love so that is 100% more important than dropping a pound or two!

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