Fitness & Health: Easy at Home Workout.

An easy at home workout for when you’re strapped for time.

Sometimes it’s not viable to get out for a run or head to the gym; maybe you have a lot on that day don’t have much time to spare, however that doesn’t mean you have to miss a day of working out!

On Saturday I had a packed day and wouldn’t have time to head to the gym, workout and get home, so I decided to dig out the old exercise mat and resistance bands (purchases from one of my many failed attempts at getting fit) and got a quick 20+ minute workout in. No, it wasn’t an intense one hour session but 20 minutes is a damn sight better than no exercise at all.

I find working out at home to be a lot harder than in a gym, with a trainer or in a class; it’s difficult to get motivated which makes it feel a lot tougher, so at home, I don’t think I could manage anymore than a half hour session.

Prior to the 6 week challenge I’m currently taking, I would not have even bothered to squeeze in a five minute workout; If I was even slightly busy, I would have come up with an excuse not to do a set of sit ups, never mind this workout. It is genuinely easy to do, doesn’t take a large chunk of time out of our day and you don’t need much equipment for this one.

At home workouts

Proof that you don’t need much equipment to get a workout at home

In my personal training sessions I’m focusing on building strength and toning up, so I wanted to focus on this for my quick session at home. The exercises I did, including the warm up, targeted the legs, back, arms and tummy, getting each area a quick blast in such a short session.

Using resistance bands is a great idea if you don’t have room in the house for sets of weights. They can be used in a multitude of ways, sitting, standing or lying down. I tend to emulate upright rows, deadlifts and triceps extensions with them, or use it as a rower while sitting down. You can get a decent set in Argos for around €16 with varying strengths on the bands.

I finished the session off with ten minutes of yoga to stretch out the muscles and relax the mind. Yoga is not only great for relaxing and unwinding, it’s a great way to improve flexibility, strength and to lengthen your muscles. I use the Daily Yoga app on my phone for guidance. It talks you through each move like an instructor would in a class and it isn’t over complicated or pretentious in that it descibes each pose, rather than just naming them. For this particular workout session I used the Yoga sequence for beginners, which combines both sitting and standing poses, without being overly complicated.

You can download the app here on Google Play and here on itunes

Here’s the workout:

Easy at home workout I’ll share some more quick and easy at home exercises over the next while (provided I keep this new lifestyle up), including some that don’t need any equipment apart from a mat.

Do you have any tips for squeezing in exercise on a particularly busy day? 

*I am absolutely NOT a fitness trainer or expert, this is all based on the knowledge I’ve obtained for personal training sessions and nutritional consultations.


2 thoughts on “Fitness & Health: Easy at Home Workout.

    • These bands you buy in argos and they come with instructions. I thiiiink I’m using them right ☺ Even if you don’t have bands a few press ups and planks can work your arms as well.

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