Beauty: Wet N’ Wild First Impressions

Wet N’ Wild came to Ireland a few Week’s ago and everyone is raving about it.

Is Wet N’ Wild make up all it’s cracked up to be, though? During some emergency retail therapy last week I remembered a few blog posts I’d read about Wet N’ Wild and thought I had to try it out.

Dunnes Stores is the only place that stock it, which is a huge bonus for the Irish retailer at the moment. The stand is upstairs in the beauty and cosmetics department, just so you don’t have to run around looking for it.

I picked up their brow pallete,  a nude nail varnish, matte top coat, Coverall pressed powder, some pink glitter eye shadow, Mega Last Lipstick  in think pink and Idol Eyes Creme Shadow; a shadow crayon. Nothing I bought cost more than €7.

Wet N Wild Reviews

So far I’ve used or tried out the lipstick, the eye crayon, the pressed powder, the brow kit and the glitter eyeshadow. I haven’t tested the nail polishes yet; I’ll be comparing the top coat to the Bourjois counterpart, which was less than impressive  in a seperate post.

So, down to the first first impressions…

Ultimate Brow Kit

My current “go-to” brow kit is Shiseido one, which you can buy in Arnotts. It is certainly the best I have ever used so it was interesting to try out a much, much cheaper kit and see if it got even near to the quality.

There are three sections in the palette; a wax to shape brows and two powders for defining the brow. I quite like this product after using it only twice; although the wax does very little by way of shaping the brows, the powders lend a very subtle depth to them. If you are looking for a “Wow” moment when you do your brows, this probably isn’t the product for you; I would definitely use it during the day though, for softer looks, while keeping the Shiseido one for more sultry, defined brows.

Mega Last Lipstick

I absolutely do not brand descriminate when it comes to lipstick. In fact if I could own all the lipstick, I would. Cheaper brands can be touch and go but this lipstick is right up there with my favourite budget brands and since buying it I’ve used it pretty much every day. The shade, Think Pink, is a soft, peachy pink, complementing to pale skin . While it’s not super long lasting, it lasts through breakfast right up until lunch before needing a reply; that’s perfectly fine for such a cheap lipstick.

This comes with a lippy addict thumps up and the full intent to purchase more shades.

Idol Eyes Creme Shadow

This undoubtedly the best of the haul. On the lids, it’s fine, the shade (the lightest available) is a mild taupe colour with a glazed shimmer. I’ve been using it as a brow highlighter; it is the perfect shade and consistency. I tried it out on a whim and thought:”finally, a brow highlighter in a complimentary colour”.

Glitter Eyeshadow

I have absolutely no idea when I will ever wear this, but I tested it out and I quite like it. It would be a nice touch to a dark make up look, adding a little, albiet slightly tacky, sparkle. It isn’t technically a shadow, it doesn’t slick on in one glittery swoop, rather it adds touches of glitter  to the lid in a more subtle way. If you dig deep into it you can tell it’s of gel-like consistency so if you are going for a hint of glitter on the inner corners or for a full on, way out there glitter look, it should work.

Coverall Powder

Compact Powders are something that require a little bit of spending, in my opinion. Using brands like Natural collection and Rimmel, I’ve noticed the constant need to reapply and the shine elimination is pretty low. I’ve some pretty dire expensive brands as well, but MAC and Artdeco’s compacts are undoubtedly the best I’ve used; the last long, even out the tone of the skin and they are amazing when it comes to elimanating shine.

Obviously I am not expecting Wet N Wild’s Coverall to live up to standards set by MAC and ArtDeco. That being said, this is quite a nifty powder. While it’s weak in terms of longevity, it is definitely up to scratch when it comes to evening up the skin tone, and it is good for shiny areas too. If you are buying this do yourself a solid and make sure you have a powder brush; the sponge is infuriatingly small.

First impressions of the Amercian budget beauty brand Wet N’ Wild; quite good, actually. The Mega last lipsticks, while limited in terms of shades, are actually better quality than most Rimmel Lipsticks and they knock fellow low cost make up peddlers Catrice right out of the park when it comes to all the products I have tried. I will definitely be paying a visit to Dunnes again to pick up some more of their products.

Keep an eye out for a review of their nail polishes soon!

Have you tried Wet N’ Wild yet? What’s your favourite product so far? 


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