Music: Tower Records gets a new home, let’s reminisce!

It’s been 21 years since international music store Tower Records opened their doors on Wicklow Street, right in the heard of what is now known as Dublin’s Cultural Quarter.

Today, Tower Records will open their doors in the former Waterstones building at no.7 Dawson Street. This has allowed Tower to create a record store from the ground up, keeping the same “your local record store”, with fancy new packaging.

Tower Records Dawson Street

Photo: Alison Rogers ‏@AlisonGildedALM Twitter

100,000 CDs, DVDs and LPs are on sale in the new Dawson Street location, from chart hits, to local acts and everything in between. Vinyl lovers will be delighted to know that the record area has been extended and now includes decks to try out before your purchase; how cool is that? There will also be a dedicated classical room, the only of its kind in Ireland.

Although it is wonderful that Tower has opened in new digs, there is surely no harm in reminiscing on some of our happy memories from the Wicklow Street building.

Like most music loving teens, I spent every Saturday until I got a job browsing the DVDs and CDs and spending all of money there. Well, the money that wasn’t spent in Asha or Claires accessories  on band tee’s and rubber band bracelets, at least. It was the best place to be at the weekend; it was where I discovered one of my favourite bands, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and the foundation of my passion for supporting Irish music in my mid-teens. It was where I met some amazing people who I am still in touch with 10 years on. I bought all my music magazines and books that instill in me such passion to write about what I love most. I even got my first Beatles tshirt there (Asha didn’t have one). It was my haven, my church and a large part of who I have become.

Tower Records new Store

Store Manager Dave Farrell (left) and General Manager Joe Plunkett (right) inside the new store on 7 Dawson St.

I still kill time there, buy all my DVDs there, given the superior collection and it is the only place I will go to buy Irish music. I am really looking forward to spending some Saturday afternoons clutching a coffee and finding new music in at 7 Dawson Street.

Every time I hear the line uttered by Penny Lane in Almost Famous: “if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends”, I think of Tower Records on Wicklow Street.

Tower Records is 100% Irish, 100% independent and it offers the widest (and often most bizarre) DVD selection, the most intriguing and depthful collection of music and the most wonderful staff. Please pop into the new store and support this fantastic business, for the good of the Irish music industry!

I would love to read your memories of Tower Records on Wicklow street as begins a new era today. 



7 thoughts on “Music: Tower Records gets a new home, let’s reminisce!

  1. Worked in Wicklow Street for three years, loved (almost!) every second and still pester them to let me do a shift at Christmas ’cause I miss the buzz. They’re a wonderful bunch of people and it’s really more of a mad extended family than a workplace. Everyone who works there enjoys it and genuinely loves music and/or movies, and I think customers pick up on and appreciate that. Good luck in the new home Tower!

  2. Being more into books than music, I don’t have quite such powerful memories. However, I used to pass the Wicklow St. store on my rounds at weekends all the time while I lived in Dublin, and frequently shopped there. Don’t remember what I may have picked up, but do remember it being a welcoming place and having great staff.

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