Beauty: MUA Glitter Ball Palette | Swatches and Review

The MUA Glitter Ball Palette caught my eye in Superdrug and although I tend to stick to neutrals or deep purples, I felt compelled to pick it up. Yes, this is yet another MUA review; regular readers will know that I am no stranger to the brand. I have a generally positive of the budget brand, particularly being a fan of their eye palettes, so despite being horribly disappointed by their pro base conceal and brighten kit, I decided to give another palette a try.

MUA Glitter Ball Palette Review

The MUA Glitter Ball Palette looks positively glitzy, ideal, I thought upon first glance, for a particularly glam night out. I was particularly taken with the gold and black.

In reality thought, this was a let down from Make Up Academy Cosmetics on a couple of levels.

MUA Glitter Ball Palette Review

Dull shades if ever I saw…

Firstly, some of the colours are barely visible. The lightest colours seem to fade upon application, rendering them pointless in the blending process. Case in point, the image above; on the shade farthest to the left I leaned harder on the applicator than would be comfortable on an eyelid and I was left with barely a silver mark. And what is up with the third colour; who wants mouldy green on their eyes?

Secondly, the texture of the eye shadows is just awful.  They clump into one spot and become immovable on the lid, as you can see in particular with the gold swatch below, it lays on two thick with a simple swipe.

MUA Glitter Ball Palette Below

No.. I am not a werewoman… the plight of a dark haired woman

Generally this palette is simply dull and messy with no redeeming qualities. The chalky consistency of the shadow means that it doesn’t blend; instead you are left with a bit of a mess on your eyes that can only be fixed by wiping it all off and starting again, with another palette.

If you’re looking for a shimmering palette, it is probably best to avoid this one. In the meantime, when I want a little shimmer I’ll stick to Bourjois and Rimmel.

Have you got any favourite shimmering palettes or eyeshadows?


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