Film: Music & Everything’s JDIFF picks.

JDIFF recommendationsThe Jameson Dublin International Film Festival is back, and this year it looks set to be as, if not more, impressive than ever. A hefty catalogue of films to choose from will be screened across ten days in Dublin City’s cinemas. As always, international and Irish films, both new and old will be available to watch, and it can be difficult to whittle the list down; particularly if you don’t hold a season pass and have a budget.

Fear not; here are the Music & Everything picks of the bunch; hopefully it will help you to make a decision.


Irish Films at JDIFF

This Film Festival is a great chance to catch some homegrown movies featuring some our most gifted actors and directors.

You should catch…

The Calvary – February 13th, The Savoy:

This year’s opening Gala is The Calvary starring some of Ireland’s best and most revered actors. The elusive Aidan Gillen, veteran actor Brendan Gleeson, the always fantastic Dylan Moran and man of the moment Chris O’Dowd all star in this comedy drama. Viewers will also get the chance to sit in the company of Gleeson himself.

Out of here – February 22nd, The Light House Cinema:

Perhaps you are looking for something a little more under the radar; typical muted and artsy Irish film Out of Here may offer just that. What Richard Did‘s Fionn Walton stars in this darkly humourous story about a college drop out who returns from travelling to a meek, recession addled Ireland. This is a relevant film which is likely to strike a chord with a lot of viewers.

Stay – February 15th, Cineworld:

Canadian/Irish film Stay looks like one of the overall picks of the bunch. Starring Aidan Quinn and Orange is the New Black’s Taylor Schilling this drama flits between rural and picturesque Galway to urban Canadian hub Montreal as their respective characters struggle to come to peace together, and with themselves.

International Films at JDIFF:

From Hollywood to Bollywood, London to France, there is a huge selection of international films to choose from, created in all corners of the globe. Whether you are local for a Golden Nominated film or a quirky drama, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

You should catch…

Afternoon Delight – February 20th, Cineworld:

There is something about the trailers for this film that remind me of Indie cult favourite Ghost WorldAfternoon Delight seems to combine comedy and a quirky sense of sexuality in such a way that only an independent film can.

The story is based around the illicit relationship between Rachel, a disillusioned wife, and an erotic dancer, McKenna, with whom she becomes fixated. Starring the hideously underrated Kathryn Hahn and Juno Temple, the film also features exceptionally comedic performances from Jane Lynch, so why wouldn’t you want to see it? It’s the empowering and intelligent female lead comedy that Bridesmaids should have been.

The Book Thief – February 14th, Cineworld:

The much acclaimed novel of the same name is considered to be one of the best modern works. If the book’s reputation is anything to go by then the film is a must see. Starring world class actor Geoffery Rush, this film would have to be obscenely dreary to go wrong so it is certainly work.

That’s all I’ve got for now for you, but rest assured there are endless possibilities for film fans of all tastes. The festival kicks off on the 23th of February. See the full programme here.



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