Juiced out of it!: A genuine account of The 3 Day Juice Cleanse.

3 Day juice cleanse review It’s taken me a day to fully gather my thoughts on how effective, and how worth it, the Puregreen 3 Juice Detox actually was.

First off…

What made me decide to ‘Juice’:

For the record, I am completely against fad diets but as I spent all December in a haze of junk food, irregular exercise and tiredness, I felt I had to do something when the craziness died down.

As a result of my sudden change in lifestyle from mildly health to absolute Tayto fiend I was yawning every couple of minutes, I felt sluggish and I general just felt awful. I couldn’t help but notice the many people taking about “Pre-christmas cleansing” on Twitter and Instagram so when I delved a little deeper I saw that Puregreen offered a 3 Day Juice Detox  for €75.

I figured, what could I lose, apart from the few unwanted pounds I had already gained before Christmas.

The Detox:


And so my detox began. On Friday 3rd of January I moseyed into work, slightly smug, slightly embarrassed, with my four bottles of juice for the day.

I was surprised at how not hungry I was despite only drinking the four juices. I was hardly tempted to eat all and managed to survive the day.

Puregreen Juice Detox review

The best part was that the juices were incredibly palatable. The Enerjuice for breakfast was absolutely delicious with a very mild and tasty flavour to start the day. Questionable, however, was the ‘Liquid Dinner’ entitled ‘UPbeet’ which contains a range of vegetables including, you guessed it, Beet Root. This took a few ‘chews’ to get used to but it was still enjoyable.

Overall, day 1 was easy peasy.


Saturday was where it started to get hard but thankfully I woke up with a considerably flatter tummy; imaging the potential results on Sunday kept me going.

Juice detox Ireland

I felt a little more energetic that I normally would, even though I had a pretty awful head cold. It was going well until lunchtime. Enter, Superjuice; not only is this the ‘least palatable’ of the juices as the accompanying notes describe it, it is genuinely the least palatable thing I have ever tasted. Ever. Including a stale and slightly mouldy Caffery’s Tea Cake I once bit into. Perhaps that had a taste of it and she totally disagreed with me saying it was actually quite nice; each to their own I suppose.

This made the detox difficult; “why must I drink something that makes me gag when I could just eat some Pringles”, I cried. Literally. It made me look forward evermore to the Upbeet juice for dinner, which this time around was delicious by comparison. More importantly it actually helped easy the hungry grumpiness that plagued my Saturday afternoon (and everyone elses).

Day 2 was rough, I was getting tired and cranky and side-eyed anyone who mentioned or ate food. I wondered how anyone does this without complaining. I certainly couldn’t.


Fail day. Yes. I failed. I woke up feeling absolutely starving but nevertheless I settled down to my Enerjuice with the intention of seeing out day three and waking fresh and revived and ready for my porridge on Monday.

It wasn’t quite as filling as it had been on Friday. Less that 2 hours later I was already starving and when lunch time came my stomach was aching. I nursed my LiquidLunch juice but it made no difference to me. The hunger pains we starting to make me feel ill and “fuzzy” is the only word I can think of to describe my general disposition for most of the day. I was weak and angry and above all else more hungry that I can remember ever being.

had to cave. I knew if I didn’t I would either faint or puke and I figured that eating, cheating though it may be, was the smartest thing to do at that point. Alas, it didn’t even fill me, I remained hungry, self-pitying and tetchy for the rest of Sunday.

The Results: 

On Sunday night I was vowing never to do a juice detox again. But when I woke up Monday morning full of energy and positivity, the only thing I could equate it to was either my excitement for eating, or indeed the energising properties of the juice detox. I’m leaning more towards the latter.

I felt fresh and healthy, even though I gave in and ate on Sunday night. The physical results were evident after day 1 and they remained despite nibbling on a bit of cabbage and corned beef.

Not only did I feel revived, I was 2 pound lighter than I was when I started. I had put on some ‘holiday weight’ so this was a huge plus for me! I didn’t see an improvement in my hair or skin, but you can’t have everything can you?

Overall, I would recommend doing the detox but I don’t recommend doing it at the weekend. I would imagine that if I had done the detox midweek it would have been so much easier without being surrounded by weekend based temptations.

Don’t kid yourself into thinking that everyone who claims they completed the detox hasn’t nibbled on something. The guidelines to the detox even recommend having some nuts or fruit if you don’t want to fully commit to kicking solids out of your diet for three days. I can’t believe that anyone with a healthy appetite could avoid the hunger pangs and general wooziness I experienced. I’ve seen other people talking about how much they love doing it, but in reality it’s tough.  I just want to be honest in saying that it is in the top 3 hardest tests I’ve put myself through.

Also I highly recommend checking your reasons for doing it, if it is to lose weight, it’s probably not the best motivation but if it is for overall improvement and detoxing after a period of indulgence.

All that said, I would definitely try this again, but could I commit to the recommend monthly detox? Not a hope, I love my porridge too much.

Email puregreenjuice@gmail.com for information on their products and the detox.


9 thoughts on “Juiced out of it!: A genuine account of The 3 Day Juice Cleanse.

  1. I just started in today finding it so hard found it very hard to stomach the Enerjuice this morning got half way through and now started the liquid lunch but it’s not going down any easier! Any tips to avoid the feeling of gaging after every sip?!

    • The green ones are woeful. I’m afraid I have no tips for making it easier to swallow apart from putting up with it. The carrot and ginger one makes it worth the pain. It’s delicious. Also the energy you will have after the cleanse is definitely a motivator. good luck. It is tough!

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