Beauty: Cleansing and rejuvenating in January

‘Party Season’ is most definitely not over but if you’re like me at all you will already be aching to get your body and skin back into check. I think it’s time I thought about Cleansing and Rejuvenating in January.

I, like most of you, have been living on a diet primarly of chocolate, pastry, fizzy drinks and alcohol over the last few weeks and there is at lease another few days of it to come, no doubt. I am quite a health concious person; I enjoy going to the gym (well, I enjoy being there, I don’t actually like going), I genuinely love eating food that is good for me and all the girls will agree there is nothing better than glossy, healthy hair and fresh, problem free skin.

I’m taking up two routines to help my skin and overall health and energy levels in January.

Cleansing the body and gaining energy:

You would not believe the amount I have eaten since November. Colleagues birthdays and genorisity have led to an obscene amount of cake and chocolate consumption. It simply isn’t right. My energy levels dropped way down, particularly as my body has gotten used to eating food to fuel my body and help the condition of my hair and skin.

I stumbled across PureGreen when walking based Bubblicity on Middle Abbey Street. PureGreen create raw juices for Bubblicity; a wide range of tasty (I hope) juices. They offer one and three day juice detoxes to help clear your body of all so I decided to opt for the three day cleanse. I am starting on the 3rd of January and I hoping to shed the couple of pounds I put on over the past couple of weeks. I am also keen to see if detoxing for three days will help my skin and overall energy levels. Keep an eye on my Instagram profile, @claireandeverything, for daily updates and on the blog for a full on review.

Detox Juice Cleanse.

Cleansing Hair and Skin:

I have come across a little gem of a product for spot outbreaks which I’ll blog about in a few days but on top of pimples the past month has seen my skin dull, blemished and tired looking. My hair has been rendered lifeless as well with an overdose of saturated fats and hairspray lending to its current less than impressive state.

Nuxe Paris Review

While the detox for my body will likely have a good effect on my skin and hair, I think it will take a little more TLC to get them back to good conditions.

A while back I won a wonderful prize from one of my favourite blogs, Viva Adonis. The Nuxe giftbag which I immediately promised myself I’d keep until the new year. I’ll be using the products in the giftbag every day for a month, at the end of which I’ll give you all the skinny on whether I find they work. The pack contains a repairing and nourishing lip balm, a first wrinkles I cream (which I reluctantly embrace), a soothing facemask, an anti shine moisturiser and the most intriguing product, dry oil for hair, body and face.

Have you got any plans for a January fix? I’d love to read about them.


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