My Urbana Laser Hair Removal Experience – Sessions #2 & 3

Urbana Laser Hair Removal A while back I gave an account of my first experience with Laser Hair Removal.

Since then I have had two sessions so I have lots to update you with.

If you are contemplating getting laser hair removal, hopefully this post will enlighten you on how it works and the results to expect.

If you missed my experience after my first session with Urbana, take a read here.

Session 2 

I had my second session with Urbana, and the lovely Michelle, a little over a month ago. Generally they’ll give you 5-6 weeks in between sessions.

For the benefit of readers only, I was glad that this experience was a little different that my first. For myself; not so much.

During my first session I was told that depending on certain circumstances the pain can be pretty noticeable or non-existent. The first time around it was like a little pin prick; no bother to me. This time however, it was pretty painful. Not as bad as I initially thought laser hair removal would be but certainly worse than my first session.

It felt like someone was snapping an elastic band on my leg; repeatedly. Ouch.

Another difference this time around was the fear caused by a suspect looking rash that lasted a few days. My leg was covered in this big patches of red and white bumps. I was terrified I had a bad reaction to the laser; mainly because it was working so well that I didn’t want to have to stop.

I didn’t exfoliate for about a week or so because I was concerned about aggravating what I thought was a rash. This resulted in little red lumps developing on my lower legs; problematic when the reason I was getting it down was so I could confidently flash the pins!

That aside I definitely noticed that less hair was growing, particularly around the ankles.

Session 3

When I revisited Urbana Michelle, who has been wonderful, told me that it was ingrown hairs as a result of avoiding exfoliation for so long. Shame on me! It was all my own fault. Needless to say the first thing I did was pop into boots to pick up exfoliation mitts and a new scrub.

The scrub, by the way, is one I highly recommend; Soap and Glory’s Sugar Crush. It is light enough to use freely throughout the week and it smells heavenly. A delicious scent and a pleasant texture make for a great scrub. I followed recommendations and left it too days without scrubbing and have scrubbed every day since. I can notice little hairs falling away some days when I Exfoliate  which is amazing.

Michelle also reassured me that the “Rash” was perfectly ok. It’s actually a common reaction and even has a super fancy scientific name, erythema and follicular odema. This is redness and swelling of the follicles. It lasted a little longer than normal on me but thankfully after my third session it lasted only a day.

It was wonderful to have everything explained so clearly and reassuringly after being worried about the side effects.

This time around the laser was virtually painless. I just felt a slight burning after it was done but this was eased by a generous lashing of aloe vera gel.

It’s been almost two weeks since my third go of Laser Hair Removal and although I have to put a little more work into the exfoliation this time around, I’m seeing the difference already.

I literally have to skim a razor over my legs and the hair is gone and some of the red bumps have started to disappear.

At this stage, I can’t recommend Urbana enough. Pop on to their website for price ranges and information about the treatments.

Initally I intended to post every second session but seeing as how I have the little matter of the ingrown hairs to address I will post again after my session in December to let you know if their were any changes.


One thought on “My Urbana Laser Hair Removal Experience – Sessions #2 & 3

  1. Very informative blog. This will give potential clients knowledge about laser hair removal and how it is done to erase their doubts about the safety of the procedure. Thanks for sharing the useful information.

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