Baking Bad: Chocolate and Raspberry Fluffins

Marshmallow Fluff Muffins

It’s time for Episode three of Baking Bad! For those who are just catching to this wildly mildly popular blog series; I am setting myself a challenge to tackle a number of baked goods and posting them here, for better or worse. Of course there is a musical element to it; how can one bake without a soundtrack to sing along to?

This time around I decided to experiment with a creation known as “Chocolate and raspberry Fluffins”. I made them up and I quite enjoy the title I gave them.

The Ingredients: 

150g Self Raising Flour

100g of Caster Sugar

150g Cadbury Drinking Chocolate

5 Table Spoons of Raspberry Marshmallow Fluff

2 eggs


        • Sieve the flour in to a big mixing bowl.
        • Sprinkle sugar in.
        • Add the Drinking Chocolate powder.
        • Add the eggs and blend.
        • Scoop the four spoonfuls of Marshmallow fluff into the mixture and blend again.
        • Fill Muffin Cases with the rather gloopy mix – I had a very willing helper!
        • Bake for 25 minutes at 200 degrees.

Marshmallow fluff Muffins


They “Fluffins” turned out well. They had a rather mousey appearance and texture; they fluffiest softest cakes I have ever tasted.

The Raspberry and chocolate flavours were complimentary although on the negative side I probably could have done with adding a touch more chocolate for a nicer bite; perhaps some chocolate chips.

Chocolate Muffins with a twist.


Well; I’ve been told to hold off making them again for a while. Not because they were awful but because my eldest brother scoffed the majority of them and he could do without that again, so he says. I take that as an enormous compliment. They were a differenct kind of treat; a twist on the traditional cupcake or muffin and everyone seemed to enjoy their light texture and combination of flavours.

Marshmallow fluff muffins.

What I listened to: 

There is something sensual about baking with chocolate so I gave Marvin Gaye a whirl on the ol’ radio.


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