Just for Fun: You’re a Miranda, and that’s OK.

Sex and The City seems to have died out in popularity since the release of the dire movie sequel a few years back. Perhaps it is dated, or perhaps it is because the more relatable ‘Girls’ has over shadowed it.

One thing about Sex and The City that bothers me is the fans’ abhorrence of Miranda. What is so bad about Miranda? Most fans label themselves as a Carrie Bradshaw; the constantly turning cogs, the journalistic ambition, the lust for material goods. A few liken themselves to feisty Samantha or good as gold Charlotte no one dares associate themselves with out spoken, level-headed Miranda.

I’ve got news for you; if you are anyone in SATC, it’s probably her. And that isn’t a bad thing!

Who would want to be a materialistic bimbo, a selfish middle age S***, or whining lady-child when you can be slightly more together and focused and an all around good friend like Miranda? That doesn’t even get into her wonderfully dry humour.


Now that I have grown up considerably since I fell head over heels in love with Sex And The City I realise Miranda was probably the most likable character. If I had known Samantha in real life I wouldn’t be able to trust her, Charlotte would have been a nightmare to be around and as for Carrie, I couldn’t deal with her ‘me, me, me’ attitude. Miranda, however, seems like she would be great for a rant, she can let her sensibilities slide when she wants to and, despite various downfalls and suspected post natal depression, she comes across as quite stable and reliable.

She isn’t overly obsessed with material goods, which is also a warming trait to anybody. While appreciating the art of a good shoe, she doesn’t think designer goods and red soled shoes are the core of life. The polar opposite to often garishly dressed Carrie, she is centred on success, friendship and cake. You know, the important things.

As compared to prim and proper Charlotte she is not afraid to let her guard down. Miranda is far from high maintainence. She can glam up when necessary but she is not allergic to a bit of unkeptness around the house. Her logical mind is something to aspire to; freak outs are few and when they happen it is normally for a fully understandable reason.

She has a heart of gold and is selfless when the necessity arises; remember how she looked after Steve’s mother when she developed Alzheimer’s?

She comes across as one of the most supportive friends; the one who can dole out sympathy but isn’t averse to taking her friends down a peg or two with a dose of reality when required.


Of course, she is not without her issues (committment related, mostly) but who isn’t? She seemingly drove the lovable Steve in to the bed of another woman with her lack of interest and standoffish attitude.

Which brings us to another reason as to why it’s ok to be ‘a Miranda’; she had the best boyfriend of the entire series. Steve, the adorable nerd, was a kind, caring character who wasn’t afraid to taking the proverbial out of himself. He was one of the few who bring a delighted smile to Miranda’s face, even when they weren’t together. If ‘a Miranda’ gets a man like Steve, they are doing well.

When these things are taken into consideration it is hard to understand the popular disgust angled at Miranda Hobbes.

The next time you feel you can relate to Miranda, don’t recoil in horror. Remember, you’re a Miranda, and that’s Ok.

all images and gif from tumblr. 


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