Beauty: Vichy Dermablend Ultra Corrective Foundation Stick


When first launched I reviewed Vichy Dermablend‘s Corrective Foundation and I had been using it up until recently, when I graduated to  the Ultra Corrective Foundation Stick.

This is of creamier consistency that the liquid foundation and can be used as a full on face foundation or as a concealer for spots, scars and dark circles.

I’ve read a lot about people using this particular product to cover tattoos for interviews or events to fantastic effect so I was exciting to use it.

I am a night owl by nature and between work and blogging I often work 10, 12 and 18 hour days, albeit some of those hours are spent in a Snuggie. Adding to that late night reading and nights at gigs and so on, it was only a matter of time before the effects started showing under my eyes.

For the record; I use Body Shop’s Elderflower Eye Gel to keep any evident puffiness down and it works a treat, however it doesn’t banish dark circles.

I’ve been using the Dermablend Ultra Corrective Foundation stick as an under eye and blemish concealer for about a month and I adore it. Applying it in dabs on blemishes and spots and blending it in a circular motion, it hides them well. The results using it on dark circles, however, astounded me. I can now start my day not looking like I could do with bathing in a vat of coffee. It softens surface under the eye and makes me look more awake. When I’m using foundation on top of the dermablend I tend to use a little less so blends smoothly.

It is more matte in appearance and finish than the foundation so it is perfect as a concealer.

Before and after Vichy Dermablend Stick

Using the tiniest spot of the Dermablend before applying foundation over it. Notice how the freckles under my eye aren’t as visible and the dark circles aren’t as prominent.

Are my slightly less prominent dark circles not enough to convince you to run out and by it? Now for my next trick. I am typically Irish in that I am pale with numerous freckles so I decided to spot test the foundation stick  on a freckle on my hand to further emphasises the brilliance of this product.

Vichy Dermablend Before and After

As if by magic, the freckle disappeared

Impressive, eh?

For anyone that has bothersome freckles, annoying blemishes or weary dark circles this is an absolute essential for your make up bag. You can pop into your local Vichy Stockist and pick it up for as little as €22; not bad for the handiest beauty product you will ever buy.


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