Dublin Gem: Brother Hubbard.

Ok. I’ll admit it as it is already apparent, despite my love of music, most of my favourite places in Dublin involve food. In fact I have only shared one non-food related Dublin Gem since I started this section of the blog. Let’s face it though; food is a huge part of our social lives, particularly as music lovers. The pre-gig meal is an important part of the week, not to mention the morning after the 4 song encore coffees!

This month’s gem will be familiar to anyone who frequents the Capel Street area or anyone that follows Darragh Doyle on Twitter.

It is the perfect gem to visit for winter warmers.

The Dublin Gem

Brother Hubbard is an independent Café on Dublin’s Capel Street and it genuinely has so much more to offer than most cafés in Dublin. I work beside it and having been enjoying their delicious offerings for a for a year and half and I cannot speak highly enough of it. The Brother Hubbard menu is filled with unique and tasty choices.

Who’ll Like It? 

  • Foodies.
  • Coffee fanatics.
  • Music lovers.
  • Drinkers of fancy tea.
  • Sandwich Appreciators.
  • Breakfasters.

The selling points: Service with a smile is most certainly in their ethos, as is playing brilliant tunes for you while you sip your coffee or wait for your order. Best coffee in Dublin.


Breakfast in Brother Hubbard

Oh, so creamy- porridge with honey

Admitedly, I only eat breakfast from Brother Hubbard during the Autumn and Winter because nothing is more comforting than their delicious, creamy porridge. I tend to treat myself to breakfast from Brother Hubbard every once in a while and every spoonful of that perfect porridge is delightful. Depending on what’s on offer you could have it with a tasty topping of your choice.

Porridge is all they have to offer for breakfast, you can also induldge in delicious granola or even munch away on toast with a jam of your choice.

They do breakfast better than anywhere else in Dublin, offering wholesome, filling and flavoursome food as opposed to your run of the mill fry up or cream cheese bagel.

The Coffee: 

Brother Hubbard Coffee

Life source

The coffee, oh my the coffee. I rarely have time to nip in to Brother Hubbard to grab a coffee but I try to get in at least once a week because, and this is coming from a very picky coffee drinker, it is the best in Dublin. They use 3fe beans, which is the perfect start, but the black coffees are made to perfection. The coffee is affordable too, despite its superiority to the bland, overroasted, overly foamy coffees you can attain from any faceless franchise coffee house.

You might think you know good coffee but that simply is not true until you’ve tasted one of Brother Hubbard’s.

The Lunch:

Brother Hubbard Lunch menu

Red pepper bell soup for desk-lunch

Brother Hubbard is always insanely busy at lunchtime which speaks volumes to the food on offer. I am a huge fan of their soup, whatever the flavour, which comes with delicious sourdough bread. You can tell from the supputous taste how much thought and care goes into make something as simple as a pea or bell pepper soup. It always thick, filling and flavoursome.

If you’re looking for something you can sink your teeth into they also have a range of sandwich that are becoming increasingly popular in Dublin. More and more people are talking about their pulled pork sandwiches and I can personally vouch for their Ham Sandwich; the best you will ever buy.

As for salads, they’ve got three kinds and they lend a whole new meaning to what is often viewed as the most boring of lunches. Not these salads; these are full of flavour and absoloutely scrumptious.

If you fancy something for afters Brother Hubbard also happens to have a wide range of fabulous baked treats including the freshest, most delightfully sticky cinnamon scrolls and positively indefectible scones with a beautiful orange blossom butter. Indulgent, heavenly treats.

The Service:

This blog post can not be completed with drawing deserved attention to the service. Warm, friendly, personable are just some words that can be used to describe every single person that serves in Brother Hubbard. They may not know your name, but if they are a regular they will know your face and greet you with a genuinely cheerful “how are you?”. Their service cannot be faulted and it would be a difficult task to find a café with a similar personal, welcoming touch.

If you are in the City Centre you should make a point of visiting Brother Hubbard to experience the service for yourself, not to mention the many other things that make this precious café so special.


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