Beauty: L’Oreal Elvive make the best hair fixers!

Every girl has the haircare brand to which they remain loyal but hopefully this blog post can lure away.

Yes, the title of this blog post is frenzied, however throughout the next few paragraphs perhaps it can be justified.

Starting from the beginning, my hair was in deplorable condition. In part this was due to a few heavy weekends and self-inflicted overworking but I also lay blame to another brand of shampoo, Tréseme. I was using the one for coloured hair and within a couple of week’s worth of washes I was not seeing the effects promised. Instead of shine, full hair I was left with dull, dry, unmanageable hair that was breaking more than ever and refused to be styled. That wasn’t even the worst part; the cretinous shampoo left me with the most irritatingly dry and flaky scalp I have ever experienced.

I really wish I had taken pictures of my awful hair to compare the results of my haircare saviours.

I descended on Boots in a hair related fury and I spent, no lie, 40 minutes trying to find products that promised to fix my drab do. My eyes rested eventually on one of L’Oreal‘s newest haircare ranges.

L'Oreal Elvive Triple Resist

L’Oreal Elvive Triple Resist is packed full of protein which of course is fantastic for your mane. I bought the shampoo, conditioner and leave in root conditioner. I also picked up their new extraordinary oil for coloured hair. These products were not going to fail me!

The first time I used all four products I really indulged my hair after so much torture. I put some oil in it when it was dry and washed with the shampoo and conditioner, leaving the conditioner for a minute or two. When I hopped out of the shower I put more oil in, just in the ends and put some of the root conditioner in.

L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil

I first noticed the effects of the products when brushing my hair out. The brush didn’t pull or snag; it brushed out smoothly and easily and my hair sat together. Previously it would sit parted when wet. Fantastic! You can imagine my girlish excitement.

When my hair was dry it was notably glossy. I was thrilled with the results.

It’s been about 2 weeks since I started using these products and while my hair isn’t as glossy as it was the first time I used (not due to any fault in the product but because I haven’t overindulged my hair since) it still has a sheen that it certainly didn’t have using the other shampoo.I typically use the oil just in the ends of my hair and (confession time) for someone who, due to a traumtic experience in an unfamiliar hairdresser, hasn’t had her hair cut in 9 months, the oil has returned it to pretty nifty condition.

Loreal Elvive Hair Oil ReviewsLoreal Triple Resist Review

The Shampoo and conditioners have made my hair light and have dealt with the issue of hair falling away nicely. The leave in

Root Conditioner is a god send of a product. Obviously when conditioning your hair you avoid your roots because you don’t want to have flat, greasy hair.  This, however, is light weight and water based so a couple of sprays massaged right into the roots of your hair and you are laughing. I genuinely can feel difference on days when I forget to use it; it makes my hair feel freshly done when used in wet or dry hair. For coloured hair these products from L’Oreal are desirable to say the least because they maintain and nourish your hair reinstating some of the protein ruined by the hair dye.

To go from an irritatingly itchy scalp, heavy, bland and fuzzy hair to manageable, glossy and healthy hair and a clear scalp; it feels nothing short of a miracle.

L’Oreal Elvive are haircare genuines.


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