Review & Giveaway: Icon Wall Stickers possess a creative and fun idea for anyone who may not be able to afford to redecorate but might still want to add a little personality to their bedroom, living room or even kitchen.

They sent me a sticker to try out which perfectly fits my personality and interests. It works well in my plain, small room to add a little selfhood. The decal is simple to put up, but perhaps not as easy as the instructions paint it out to be. It’s a two person job; all you need is some masking tap, a scissors and some patience.

Icon Wall Stickers

Once you rub down the decal before peeling back the plastic you will get a fine finish with no marks or bumps. is a fantastic idea and there are a range of designs in a variety of colours that could go in any room with any style. They have quotes, Floral designs and more to choose from with minimal cost. It’s tough to choose which one will suit you best; I went for the black music note, for obvious reasons (I don’t have a music lifestyle blog for no reason) but there are so many others that I would have loved. For example, this design or  this love heart.

Depending on the size you get you cold pay as little as €13, sometimes less.  I got the medium and it is actually quite big, so if you are decorating a small room you definitely won’t need the large.

They are a fantastic way to add a little customisation to your decor without spending big bucks or cluttering up your walls with picture frames. It’s understandable that some people are a little wary of putting stickers on the wall; be assured that these stickers don’t peel the paint when removing them but if you feel insecure about it, it might be a good idea to put it on a canvas and hang it up instead.

Do you like the look of these Icon Wall Stickers?

I’ve got a £25 (approximately €29)  to giveaway to one lucky reader. So if you’ve been thinking of adding a little bit of personality to your living room, bathroom or bedroom all you have to do is fill out the form below and let me know which of the stickers on you would love to buy.


One entry per person. Ends October 21st. 


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