Beauty Review: Bourjois So Matte Top Coat

For months I have been on the hunt for a matte top coat to use with black nail varnish. It is a look I have been striving to achieve for a long time so you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across Bourjois’ So Matte top coat which promises to mattify your nails to great effect.

True enough, it does have a good matifying effect. Simply put two coats of your chosen colour on, let it dry and then apply one coat of the mattifying top coat. The effects are clear.

Bourjois So Matte Top Coat ReviewBourjois So Matte ReviewI was thoroughly delighted with the results. What was until an hour later, after I did ordinary things like getting dresses, putting shoes on and packing a handbag for the day, I found the nail varnish peeled off, chipped and some of it was pushed right down to the cuticle. After only 20 minutes! The varnish was dry and yes, it did make the black coat matte, however it was as though it simply turned it into a gel which sat on the nail. And if you think you can easily remove the remaining bits with nail varnish, thing again. It seems to leave hardened immovable scrapings of nail varnish that need a good soaking before they disappear.

Bourjois SO Matte Review

*french accent* One hour Later

Such a disappointment! Particularly as it cost almost €10. I am sure their are more expensive, hard wearing versions of it that last beyond the 60 minute mark but quite frankly if I want to go for the matte look again, I’ll buy a pair of falsies!



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