Just for Fun: The Man Crush

The term “Girl Crush” is one thrown about so readily that nobody bats an eye-lid but “Man Crush”? That’s a different story. The Same-sex crush is a heterosexual, all consuming admiration for a member of the opposite sex for a combination of reasons, generally centring around their style, outlook and achievements.

While modern men are much more comfortable with their sexuality and are willing to admit that they have Man Crush, it’s not as widespread or as accepted as a girl expressing an undenying appreciating and borderline sexual admiration for say, Karen O, for example (swoon).

From a female perspective this kind of crush is more about a somewhat intense admiration and a dash of actual longing to be just like that person in a number of ways and from what I can gather, it’s not much different from a man’s point of view.

I took to twitter to ask some guys who their Man Crush; the response was quick telling us that they didn’t have to do much thinking on the subject. Some of the crushes were quite surprising. I had no idea one particular actor who is adored by masses of women had a similar effect on men, for example.

Man Crush

It’s not just the ladies that love Gosling. In all fairness, why wouldn’t another man admire a man who has attainable good lucks and has half the world’s female population falling at his feet. It certainly can’t be his acting skills that has men expressing such admiration for him.

Some of the tweets merited a mental applause. What taste!

— Greg Synnott/ 7BP (@GregSynnott) September 20, 2013

Others envitably showed more of an appreciation of talent rather than looks.

One even fancies an unlikely television personality as a bit of a Sugar Daddy figure.

( I really don’t know why I am willing to share this. Ladies and gentlemen, my boyfriend)

My personal favourite, and winner* of best and manliest man crush goes to Kevin Dillon:

*This isn’t a competition and I have no prize to give. Unless you count props. 

Is anyone else surprised that more footballers weren’t mentioned? Those not included are more shocking than those mentioned;  Idris Elba anyone? And lets not forget the manliest man in modern day culture; Patrick Warburton?

Overall, the men of Twitter seem to have pretty good taste when it comes to their Man Crushes and there definitely appears to be a mixture of talent and good looks that spawn a man crush.

Except this guy.

Really? Hansard and Vedder?


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