Jameson Cult Film Club: Die Hard @ The Tivoli Theatre

Followers of the Blog will know that along with music and make up I have a penchant for a cult classic and a whiskey. Combine the two and you have my idea of heaven. Unfortunately “real life”, a concept I’m still not entirely familar with, got in the way for their double screening of Die Hard but I sent along the other half, other wise known as Dave,  to take some snaps and deliver an account of what went down. Here’s what he had to say: 

Jameson cult film club

The Jameson Cult Film club is a totally unique event; offering film fanatics the chance to immerse themselves in the world of their favourite films. Whether it’s Intermission or Jaws, they pull out all the stops and it was no different with 1988 classic DIE HARD which was given the Jameson Cult Film treatment on the 17th and 18th of September in Dublin’s Tivoli Theatre.

The building was transformed into Nakatomi Plaza for the night and at every turn attendees where greeted by characters and scenes from the movie. As everyone queued outside they came across a barricaded entrace and LAPD’s Sergeant Powell who got the entertainment started interacting with the crowd.

Jameson Cult Film Club Die Hard

Inside Nakatomi plaza Hans Gruber awaited in what was a fully transformed theatre which contained key scenes from the action film. Shards of glass fell around the feet of the film fans for one of the main shoot outs, Marco’s body made quite an impact on the police car as it dropped from above. There was even a Christmas tree to really set the tone. Fight scenes were being played out left, right and centre and it all concluded with a pyro-fest of a shoot out between Sergant Powell and Karl. It was jaw dropping stuff and of course, the Jameson was delicious.

It was also a chance to rub shoulders with some of Ireland’s finest celebs including Dermot Whelan and Aidan Power.

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