Beauty Review: Rimmel Stay Blushed

As part of an accidental beauty haul last week I picked up Rimmel’s New Stay Blushed liquid cheek tint; a product in the vein of Benefit’s posietint or Make up forever’s HD blush.

stay-blushed_product review

I used in “pop of pink” all week as a replacement for my usual Revlon or MUA blushes and it is up to standard.

There is no need to use a brush, just dab a little on each cheek over foundation and blend until you achieve the shade you like.

Pop of Pink is the strongest colour of the two on offer from Rimmel and it is great on pale skin as it has a pinched cheek effect if used correctly. I must be honest, I definitely didn’t use it correctly the first time I tried it out, putting way too much on and inadvertently recreating Aunt Sally’s look from Worzel Gummidge.

Aunt Sally Blush- Rimmel Stay Blushed


One tip I can offer is to use it sparingly. As it is a prominent shade even the slightest drop of this blush will have a great, colourful impact on your cheeks.  Blend it downwards along the cheek bone before blending outwards to create a slightly more even and natural look.  When you first squeeze it out of the tube it has a bubble-gum colour but this blends down to a stunning pinched pink tone.

20130910_204158Stay blushed Review

The product claims to last 24 hours but I for one have never worn it long enough to prove for or against that particular statement. It does have remarkable staying power, meriting no need to reapply throughout a typical working day. It feels delightfully gentle on the skin which is quite a surprise given the thick consistency of the liquid. The fact that you don’t need to apply with a brush also means that don’t need to worry about excess blush needing to be blended away.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this product for anyone looking for a quick-to-apply, pronounced shade of blush to bring out their cheek bones.


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