Beauty Review: Bourjois Java Rice Loose powder

Bourjois Java Rice Loose powder ReviewBourjois Paris generously sent me out their much sought after Java Rice Loose Powder to try and test.

Readers of the blog will know that I am obsessed with pretty much anything retro or retro-esque so I have been lusting after this product since I got wind of its release back in June.

For those not in the know, this product has re-released on the market to celebrate Bourjois’ 150th Anniversary. The rice powder was a popular choice in 1879 among, we can only assume, incredibly glamourous and dainty women.

I like to try out new powders all the time because I embrace my natural paleness with pride and get all giddy when I come across a face powder that turns my skin from pasty to porcelain. This powder does just that.

Using the original formula the Java Rice Powder is light and soft on the skin with slight highlighting factors. It smoothes the skin suitably and adds a slight glow, which is a nice change for someone who favours a super mattifying compact powder. The texture of the powder is without doubt the most remarkable thing about it. It is as fine as it could possibly be and is not overpowering upon application. The very subtle shimmer promotes a less harsh and more natural look that a matte powder would.

While loose powders can be quite off putting for anyone who applies in a rush (Powder everywhere!) it is nice to use something lighter on the skin.


Of course, the entire point of a powder is so that it sets foundation as well as smoothing and while it makes no impact on staying, it certainly neutralises the foundation and even covers any small blemishes peeking through.

Remember, this powder is meant to be light; if you get frustrated and effectively lash more on to get more coverage you will counteract the powder’s purpose and look startling shiny. A fine layer the very top of a Kabuki brush will do perfectly.

 Bourjois Java Rice Loose powder Review Bourjois Java Rice Loose powder Review

The one downfall of this product is the perfumed scent. My initial thoughts on the scent were positive; it is somewhat luxiourous and it conjured up nostalgia for my nana applying her make up on front of the Fireplace mirror when I was a child. However if you tend have a sensitive nose, smell wise,  it encourages sneeze producing tingles and the smell can be over powering as it settles on your face.

This is just one bad point on an overall impressive product which is given increased charm due to the replica casing; a nice to touch rather than producing new, modern packaging.

If you are a fan of loose powders this might be the most pleasant one you try and for just €13.99, you’re getting a bargain.  While I remain loyal to my compacts I can definetly see myself using this when my skin is acting up and requires more tender make-ups.

A good testament to the product; I was in Boots yesterday and it was sold out so get hunting!


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