Music Review: Caruso – Everything you Need is Here

Caruso - Everything you need is here reviewCaruso, or Shane O’ Fearghail  as he is known to his family and friends, is an Irish-born singer who has taken his talents to the US. His album ‘Everything you Need is Here’ is set to be released in Ireland on the 6th of September.

The album is far from earth shattering or groundbreaking stuff although it is still quite an enjoyable listen, particularly for Caruso’s unique vocal styling.

The album opens on Bounce and the fantastical vocals are immediately noticeable. They are grainy yet tuneful; suitable for delivering the incredibly uplifting acoustic based track that builds up to a soaring chorus before teetering out again.

It treads the line between alternative and mainstream ever so carefully, which appropriately describes the album in its entirety. For example Frank sounds as though it could be something from Irish band Keywest’s repertoire. It has a mild rock quality but it would not be out of place on day time radio.

The singer-songwriter is not averse to introducing some complexities into his lyrics and songs. Such as in Who Came First which is a deceptively easy-listening sounding track with a very basic beat and guitar riff. However there underlies a disillusion and a  struggle with understanding the world’s pecking order. it is filled with irony and towards the end becomes artistically esoteric as Caruso repeats ‘Sold out to slow down’ over an intense piano arrangement.

It’s up to you (Crazy Mrs. Whelan) is a seemingly upbeat track, once again deceiving the listener with a cheerful tune deflecting away from the nods toward suicidal tendencies and the concept that we carve our own path for better or worse. It follows the same pattern laid out in Bounce in which the track begins blandly but builds in weight and intricacy as it progresses.

The stand out track on the album is All The Kings Horses. This is a beautiful track that stands out among the others for its tenderness. The melody is wonderfully simple and the vocals here are particularly heart melting. Its tenderness merits a number of repeats.

Admittedly, this is not an album that pulls you in on first listen but it is definitely a grower. It is largely delicate and pleasant and there are few words to describe the overall sense of warmth the singer’s unexampled vocals sends over the listener. A solid effort from the Irish singer.


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