Just for Fun: Irish people who should have statues.

The boy is back in town. That’s news dominating Dublin’s pubs, streets and work places; Phil Lynott’s statue has returned to its rightful place on Harry Street after being vandalised and damaged. “Rightful” is written in part sincerity, part jest because this idealistic blogger believes, despite his glaring faults, a statue of Lynott should have been erected in place of the rather pointless spire. Imagine; a 393 foot statue of Philo in the ‘Live and Dangerous’ stance, one foot either side of the road.

Now that everyone is talking about his commemorative statue I have been thinking a lot about why he was given an eternal place on Dublin’s streets and others that may, in time, be immortalised in iron for tourists to gawp at. Here is a (just for fun) list of Irish people who should have statues in their home towns or cities.

Aidan Gillen

If you don’t know who this man is you need to get out of the fresh air and park yourself on front of the television.

He has been in three of the best TV shows of the past 10 years, namely The Wire, Game of Thrones and RTE’s own Love/Hate playing three highly diverse characters and sporting an incredibly impressive Maryland accent in the former. This is neglecting to mention the show that spawned his quietly successful career Queer as Folk in which he plays arrogant lead character Stuart.

He most certainly deserves a statue if not for his exceedingly impressive TV career then for his IMDB picture.

Lisa Hannigan 

Another humble but excessively talented Irish person, the Meath born singer is Ireland’s belle. Her throaty voice and soothing songs warm the hearts of people every day and as for her live performances; they are joyous and hard to beat.

Roddy Doyle

He gave us classic one liners such as “Do heavy metalers eat chips?”, “Right. Pick a nipple and try again” and “We parked our bikes on verges so they could graze.”

He is one of the greatest modern writers in the country, giving an at times comical, and at others all too real view of working class life in Ireland. His statue would look fetching in the grounds of the Kilbarrack school which inspired many of his earlier books.

David O’ Doherty

The man plays a Fisher Price keyboard and writes comically songs about every day occurrences. Of Course he deserves a statue.

Brenda Fricker

In all seriousness, Brenda Fricker will, one would hope, at some stage in the future have a statue erected in her honour. The Oscar Winning actress depicts strong women like no other. Glamorous she is not but that hardly matters when ever inch of her exudes not only talent but also utter humbleness for all she has achieved.

Dave Allen

Allen was a comedian years ahead of his time so much so that he was banned from RTE. His risqué pieces on god and religion caused an enormous stir shrouded 1960’s Ireland. His work inspired many intellectually funny and boundary pushing comedians since such as Dermot Morgan and the hilariously surly Dylan Moran. He set the stage for further controversy, further comedic commentary on the faults with the grasp catholism has and could still have over Ireland’s functionalities and principles. He was damn funny too!

Our generously talented country is strewn with myriad gifted people and plenty of them will hopefully be immortalised in one way or another, and rightly so if they have helped entertain our souls made miserable bankers, TDs and Tax Men or if they helped put  our green isle on the map.


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