Tune of The Week: Is it Roar or Applause?

Music snobbery is not welcome here so you can take your up-turned nose elsewhere; despite a number of other releases in the UK and Ireland the only two songs people are talking about are Lady Gaga’s Applause and Katy Perry’s Roar. 

Both premiered over the past number of days, with Gaga getting more of a publicity push behind, but where is the surprise there? So which track gets the not so coveted title of Music and Everything’s ‘Tune of The Week?’

Well, despite the huge suspense build leading up to Applause the actual product doesn’t live up to the expectation, especially when compared to Perry’s well produced, clean sounding Roar. 

Maybe it’s the righteous, once scorned woman talking but this is a female anthem that will be belted out by recently broken-hearted girls as they move from phase one (Why me? What did I do wrong?) to phase two (screw you, I don’t need you.). It’s one of those empowering woman’s songs that will take the high-heeled, cosmo-drunk girls on to the dance floor to expel the frustrations of those who have stamped on them; be it an old friend, an ex or a family member. It’s quite an uplifting “thanks for making me stronger” song.


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