Dublin Gem: Avoca Malahide Castle Store and Café

Time for the fourth Dublin Gem and this time I decided to get out of the City and head to Malahide.

Malahide has always been a bit of a haven; not as many people flock there on sunny days as they would to Howth or Portmarnock and there is always so much to do between the shops, the pubs, the restaurants and the park. Within the park is yet another haven; a beautiful, quaint retreat away from the buzz of the city centre.

The Dublin Gem. 

Avoca Malahide Castle Store and Café is a wonderful addition to the already beautiful Malahide Park. Already an Irish brand known for their wonderful cafés and unique product offering they have truly outdone themselves with this one. Rain or Shine, this is an interesting place to visit with so much on offer.

Avoca Cafe Malahide

Who’ll Like It? 

  • Escapists
  • Sweet toothed folk
  • Coffee lovers
  • Cake eaters
  • Trinket addicts
  • Patriotic purchasers

The selling points: Irish homeliness with a range of products and food.

The Shop: 

The Avoca Store contains so many different items, largely produced by Avoca themselves or within Ireland. The myriad products include a fragrant selection of handmade soaps and candles and of course their famous hand-woven blankets and throws which would be ideal self-presents or, of course, gifts for loved ones. These days there has been an influx They also sell some clothes and outdoor wear, none of it particularly stylish excepting the fabulous lace up Wellington boots below. They also sell a huge range of books ranging from fiction to fun coffee table books.

Avoca MalahideAvoca Malahide

The Café: 

The café, like all Avoca Café’s, is a foody’s dream with a huge selection of cakes, savoury tarts, salads and more. If you are not a frequent visitor you absolutely have to try the soup with some of their bread; it’s fantastic. If you’re in a bit of a rush or want to picnic in the park, there is a take away section at the opposite end of the shop with some fresh food, packed sandwiches, cakes, coffee and Ice cream either made by Avoca or provided by an Irish company.

Avoca Cafe Malahide

The also sell a range of unique, retro sweets as well as the ever popular American favourites such as Marshmallow fluffy, Hershey’s and more.  My top choice from the food shop is the monstrous Carrot Cake Muffin; it truly is divine with a soft, moist texture and citrusy cream cheese topping.

Avoca Take away malahide

The Avoca Store and Café in Malahide castle is great to wander around; the décor is a hybrid of kitsch and country, and the offerings are diverse and unique. It is an ideal retreat away from the buzz of the city or the thumping of a gig venue. What’s more is, you might even catch a glimpse of the Malahide Peacocks and Hens if you sit in the cosy outdoor area which is just beside the Castle’s courtyard.


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