Music: Lisa Cuthbert- Paramour | Reviewed

Lisa Cuthbert Paramore

Lisa Cuthbert is an artist I’ve always had an interest in following a review I read a number of years ago on 2 U I Bestow.

The intrigue has been maintained with the release of ‘Paramour’ a concept album that has been inspired by the Magdalene Laundries. A fitting time to release the album; we are possibly more aware now than ever of the plight, the sheer anguish and upset the inmates of the laundries endured.

The ten track album is morose, as can be expected however Cuthbert’s angelic talent is consistent and lends a true poignancy to the entire album.

Beginning with Destitute  a song which depicts in a raw way, the conditions deployed on innocent inmates in the laundries. The piano based song is chillingly beautiful. Cuthbert’s vocals are stunning; they carry this, and the remaining songs in such a smooth yet emotional fashion that it would be difficult to avoid getting pulled in by this album.

Her enchanting vocals are the focal point of each song as she tells the tale of Catholicism’s treatment of young Irish women during these times.

This Kind Of Sin is a particularly encapsulating; Cuthbert’s voice all the more impassioned. It is a spiralling, evocative song; a highlight on the album.

It seems wrong to pick this album apart entirely, given the topic at hand. It is flawless in melody and raw in emotion. Keeping Cuthbert is an empowered song writer, producing  a socially aware album that has been a long time coming. From start to finish it tells the tale of a woman enduring the atrocious conditions suffered in a Magdalene Laundries. A wonderful listen.


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