Style: Retro-style Headbands

Social media is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? I posted a picture on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram wearing one of my beloved Hair Wraps and I got countless messages asking me where I got it.

I am a big fan of the Rockabilly look; all quiffs and wiggle dresses, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I love 1950’s style headbands. I get them from a lot of different places, from Penneys to craft markets, but my new favourite place to buy them is on, from a wonderful online store called Lulu in The Sky. 

This quaint and crafty Esty shop offers a wide range of bows and headbands in a multitude of funky fabrics. There is something for every Rockabella out there with pretty pink accessories and bold, out there prints.

I recently purchased three new items from Lulu in The Sky and I couldn’t be happier with them.

Pin up headbandsPin up hairbands

Retro Headbands

From top to bottom, my most recent purchases were Red and White Polka Dot, Black Pin dot Cherry print, and Dusty Pink Vintage style Pin Up Rockabilly headband hair wraps. Each of them were €7.27 which is incredibly reasonable by comparison to other online shops with etsy. The styles are so incredibly diverse that Lulu In The Sky batters high street offerings of a similar product, and the best thing?  Even when the masses get bored with the retro thing, us ’50s obsessed girls will still have a place to get affordable headwear.

Delivery wasn’t exactly quick so if you are ordering for a particular occasion, make sure you order a couple of weeks beforehand. Once you get your band, make sure you send the a snap of you wearing it so you can get an exclusive discount.

This little Etsy Shop is a truly great find for any Pin-Up wannabes out there.

Pop over to and browse Lulu In The Sky’s great selection of rockabilly hair accessories now.


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