Beauty: Clarins Relax Bath & Shower |Review

Clarins Product ReviewsThe point of this blog is to reach out to people who live a music loving lifestyle but also like to pamper and indulge every once in a while so it is quite fitting that I was gifted Clarin’s Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate so I could review it.  

It’s a busy life, being a music lover; the gigs, the endless new albums, songs and bands to enjoy and the other fun that comes along with it so once in a while we have to take a night off and relax.

Clarins products are known for their excellent quality and associations with purity and luxury so a shower gel that promotes relaxation by this brand is especially intriguing

How Does Clarins Relax Bath & Shower work?

The science bit. Clarins Relax Bath and Shower Concentrate works on the principles of aromatherapy, to be used with warm water in order to fully release the benefits of the refreshing and relaxing blend of St. John’s Wort, Linden and Valerian.

Does it actually relax you?

I know, I know; I’m as sceptical as you are; a shower gel that can relax you after a long and stressful day; too good to be true. These kind of products are always either a complete hit or an absolute miss but the worry wort, stresshead that I am, I am guilty of trying most of them.

There are two products that genuinely have a relaxing effect on me: one is, and don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it, Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Lotion with Lavender, and the other is Clarins Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate.

Yes! It does work.  I don’t use it every time I shower and I have not yet used it in the bath but I have used it after particularly tiresome days or when I have desperately needed a good night’s sleep and the effects were obvious. Back off, cynics, it’s not my mind telling me it should work, otherwise there wouldn’t be a heap of similar but ineffective products lying redundant in a box at the end of my wardrobe.

The combination of the lightweight feel, soft lather and the delightful, mild scent results in a sensual haven. It smells so clean and fresh, titillating the senses in such away that renders you happy and at ease.

If you apply to a damp, warm sponge or cloth, use it as you would any shower gel and inhale deeply you will reap the benefits of this sensual Clarins product. If you, like me, suffer from the Gremlins, aka tension knots, in the shoulders do yourself a massive favour and massage the gel into your tense muscles and feel them loosen up.

The bottle recommends not using the concentrate in the bath in the ordinary way of lashing it in while the bath is filling (I’ve been known to use full bottles of bubble bath, ssh), but instead putting in on your body and getting into a warm bath. That to me sounds like absolute heaven; letting the blue gel soak into my weary body and the pleasurable, gratifying scent melt away my troubles.

Where can I buy Clarins Bath & Shower Concentrate, and for how much?

Ah yes, the all important question; what’s the damage? Clarins, being a brand of luxury, high quality products, is not known for producing budget buys so the price of €20 is as much as can be expected. “Madness” I hear you scream at your laptop, “€20 for SHOWER GEL” but trust me, it is an invest in shameless indulgence and relaxation and I see nothing wrong that. It’s cheaper than a full body massage and you will probably use it once or twice week (you don’t want to be going around in an over relaxed daze) so the bottle actually lasts quite a long time.

As for purchase points, anywhere that sells Clarins. McCabes pharmacy, Debenhams, Brown Thomas, the list goes on. Alternatively you can buy it online at

Overall Verdict?

Yes, the price may be a little steep but the bottle genuinely lasts a long time and the concentrate truly does have an amazing relaxation quality like no product I’ve tried before. From the amazing, spa-like smell to the pleasurable feeling of your muscles relaxing afterwards it is a must try product for busy bunnies with full on schedules. If you’re like me and you’re constantly doing something, be it going to a gig, working etc. and you simply don’t know how to turn it off, this product will help you find the switch.


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